Ko & Grant | the wedding

September 25, 2012

Once in a blue moon is the ‘theme’ of this experience with Ko & Grant.  Why?  Well I got to travel to the amazing New York City to capture the love two people have for each other over the course of two fun-filled days…one day the engagement session and the other the wedding.  Still don’t get the ‘once in a blue moon’ part?  It just so happened that August 31st, the day we started, was the day of the Blue Moon.  This full moon happened to be the second one to rise in a month.  “Blue Moon” originally referred to the third full moon in a season that has four full moons instead of the usual three. But in 1946, a writer for “Sky and Telescope” magazine erroneously reported the second-full-moon-in-month meaning, and the definition stuck.  The Water Club in Manhattan was the location for Ko & Grant’s ceremony and reception which is located right on the East River.  When the sun went down and the moon rose, it was almost as if someone dialed in a movie set just for the day of their wedding.  La Luna, La Luna!! It was big, round and beautiful and oh so perfect for their big day.  I hailed a cab just outside of my hotel and made sure to leave really early to allow myself time to look around and not worry about traffic.  It’s a good thing I did leave early because my ride there was like being on an amusement park ride and I was flying all over the inside of the cab clutching my camera bags all while texting on my phone.  Yep, that made me a tad woozy.  LOL.  When I arrived Ko was just getting ready to start makeup and I started talking to her friends.  One of her friends had quite the travel story.  She left Korea while there was a hurricane happening and they had to reroute the plane, thus making her travels a total of 30 hours!!  She then got to the airport unable to reach Ko yet still managed to find her way to Ko’s apartment despite language barriers.  She burst into tears both out of relief and of joy for her friend.  How special that her friends and family could make it there to share in this big day.  On the other hand I got to chat with Grant’s parents after not seeing them for such a long time.  When Grant’s brother Greg walked around the corner, he saw me and said “what are you doing here?”…needless to say he was surprised.  I told him I was shooting the wedding.  I shot Greg’s wedding a few years prior 🙂  I could go on and on about how awesome the whole experience was and how happy I am for both Ko & Grant, but I will get to the photos.  Please enjoy a handful of images and the slideshow is just below the last one.

Thank you Ko & Grant for having me be a part of your wedding events.  It was such an honor.  Much happiness to you both!!

While this next image isn’t perfect technically…I LOVE all that is going on in this moment 🙂


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