The Emmys | what’s posing got to do with it?

September 24, 2012

Posing is something I often refer to as directing or mirroring. Yes, I pose my clients but in a way that yields a very natural look. The last thing I want you to look like is a mannequin. I love the art of posing so much that I teach it in workshops or one-on-one mentor sessions. This post is directed at the ladies, I will address the guys in a future post. My brides, seniors or models will often hear me say “POP that hip!” or “Angles…it’s all about the angles” or even “watch those hands”. Why? Because if someone is photographed straight on in a straight ‘angle-less’ pose, it falls flat. The exception to that rule is something that is meant to look editorial in style. Here are some perfect examples from the Emmys best-dressed list.

From left to right:

Ginnifer Goodwin – while her overall pose is straight on to the camera, there is a little bit of flair in how she is crossing her legs at the ankles and her hand position on the hip.

Heidi Klum – in this pose her front leg is bent and angled inward which brings her hip down creating an angle.  If you are going to let your arms dangle, then remember ‘soft hands’…which she has done.

Claire Danes – this is definitely more of an editorial look.

Sophia Vergara – ahhhh this is beautiful all the way around.  Her hands are soft in placement but strong what they add to the overall look.  The one leg is drawn forward and slightly bent at the knee which again, drops the one hip.  The shoulders are slightly forward but not drawn up.

The reason I will say ”POP that hip!” is because it helps give shape under a dress.  Again, the goal is to create a strong yet soft beautiful, elegant look while keeping it fun and natural in appearance.  This next image is of Nina Dobrev from last year’s Emmys.  This a perfect example of beautiful hand position and body angles.  Her arm is just far enough away from her body to show curves.


Let me know if you have any questions about posing 🙂  I love this stuff!

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(image source – Getty Images)

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