Anna | the bridal session

January 11, 2014

Bridal sessions are SO much fun because we get a chance to ‘play’ a bit.  Meaning, we have the time to capture a variety of looks ranging from the traditional, the very fashionable,  the classic elegant and even the fun.  Anna’s bridal session happened to be on the day that THE Christmas tree was being delivered to the Biltmore Estate.  We had the day scheduled and so we thought everything would go smoothly…and it did..except for when we first saw the crane pulling in.  I think all of us skipped a few heart beats.  All I could think to do was walk up to the man that was directing traffic and nicely but firmly mention that we needed a little time before the tree was put in place.  I mean, I can Photoshop many things, but certainly not something of that size.  haha. Our nerves were quickly calmed because the very sweet man radioed to the the truck pulling the crane and told them what we were doing.  He said to not worry that the tree wouldn’t be put up until later.  WHEW!  I will say this…we all got a shot of energy after that moment.

We started Anna’s bridal session in the front of the Biltmore home and eventually made our way to the back.  When we got to the back of the home, the sun was beginning to set and it lit up the mountains so beautifully that when Anna stood there she looked breathtaking.  What an incredible day.  Thank you Anna and Kelly…I enjoyed every minute!

Anna bridal - lisa carpenter01 Anna bridal - lisa carpenter02 Anna bridal - lisa carpenter03 Anna bridal - lisa carpenter04 Anna bridal - lisa carpenter05 Anna bridal - lisa carpenter06 Anna bridal - lisa carpenter07 Anna bridal - lisa carpenter08 Anna bridal - lisa carpenter09 Anna bridal - lisa carpenter10 Anna bridal - lisa carpenter11 Anna bridal - lisa carpenter12 Anna bridal - lisa carpenter13 Anna bridal - lisa carpenter14 Anna bridal - lisa carpenter15 Anna bridal - lisa carpenter16 Anna bridal - lisa carpenter17 Anna bridal - lisa carpenter18


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