Do I Need A Wedding Album? | FAQ’s

January 8, 2014

There is no denying that we live in the age of photo sharing sites such as Facebook, blogging, Snapfish, and other online photo labs that allows everyone to share their photos with friends and family.  In every one of my wedding collections, I choose to include the high resolution digital images because sharing photos in digital format is something that’s important to everyone.  So you may be asking yourself, if I have the digital files, why do we need a wedding album?  I’ve put together some thoughts that may give you some answers to this very common question:



1.) A wedding album tells your story.

After your wedding day, how often do you think you’ll sit down at your computer and look through a disk of 800-1000 images?  You might a lot at first, but then probably not too often later.  While it’s so important to capture all of the moments that take place on one of the most important days of your lives, looking through all of them can be a little overwhelming if you do so one by one. Individual images may have the ability to capture a moment, but a wedding album tells your story by focusing in on the highlights of the day.  This is another great reason why I have chosen to include the digital images in each collection because not all of them will be in your wedding album.  The whole reason you have a photographer document your wedding is to have that day preserved for a lifetime as well as share it with others.  Your album is the perfect way to do that.

2.) It’s a work of art.

Photos are meant to be printed!  Your wedding photos are intended to create beautiful printed works of art that will serve as a lasting symbol of your love. A professionally designed, high quality album is the perfect work of art to preserve your most cherished memories.

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3.) It’s made to stand the test of time.

With constant changes in technology, we don’t even know if the average computer will read your DVD of images 50 years later. Your wedding album is made with archival materials intended to last a lifetime. These images will not fade – and neither will the beautiful memories of your wedding day.

4.) It’s your first family heirloom.

You will be so excited the day your wedding album arrives. You’ll look at it over and over again, and it will probably feel like one of the most valuable things you’ve ever owned. But the true value of your album will come into play many years down the road. Imagine showing it to your kids! Imagine being able to show them how amazing you both looked and tell them all about how the story of their family first began. That’s when it’s really worth the investment. Your album truly is your very first family heirloom, meant to be shared and past along for generations.

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I custom design every wedding album to tell the unique story of each couple’s wedding.  It is something that I LOVE to do.  I think about the album as I am shooting on the wedding day.  I realize that budget is  something that 99% of us have to consider when planning a wedding.  Trust me, I too would love to have that money tree to pull from, but the reality is, money does become a factor in determining whether or not you will include an album in your collection.  I am very sensitive to this and I would MUCH rather have you get amazing images on the day of your wedding if that is all your budget allows because you can do something with them later.  But if you don’t have those amazing images, you cannot do too much.  So, I give my clients the option to order a wedding album at a later time…typically many like to order one on their wedding anniversary as a present to themselves.  Also, I have had clients that have created their own albums through companies like Snapfish or Shutterfly and they have looked really great!  Again…that is because they are using their professionally edited high resolution images.

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If you have any questions, please feel free to email me or call.  I look forward to answering them!

Thank  you for stopping by!


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