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March 23, 2011

What is a First Look? Well it is something like this….

He waits patiently at the bottom of a staircase, in a secret spot outside the chaos of the wedding day activities. He looks down, nervously shuffling his feet. He is waiting for the love of his life to appear.

She walks down the hall and realizes she is holding her breath. As she turns the corner, she exhales knowing she is about to see her one and only for the first time on their wedding day. She descends the stairs and smiles at the sight of the back of him in his handsome suit.

She taps him on the shoulder, he turns around and sees her. It is like he is seeing her for the first time. They embrace, shed a few tears and talk.

It is a perfect, private moment between a bride and groom. It is a moment, in a day full of moments, where they can be themselves and express their emotions honestly. They can share words of encouragement, calm nerves for each other and laugh.

It is a moment that is just for them.

That is what a First Look is all about. That moment when a bride and groom can share an intimate moment before the events of the day unfold.

Why do a First Look?

Time Alone! A first look gives you that special time alone with you spouse-to-be. Time to be yourselves and time to actually talk. In the traditional setting, the bride walks down the aisle, the ceremony begins and you don’t have a single moment to just talk to your significant other. With the first look, you get that opportunity to talk, to tell her how beautiful she looks, to tell him how handsome he looks and to tell each other how excited you are to be married.

Great Photos! With a First Look, you get photos that really show the once in a lifetime emotions of seeing each other for the first time on your wedding day. You get the tears, the laughs and the heartfelt embraces that are shared in an intimate setting.

More Time to have fun! A First Look allows you to get photos with your wedding party or family before the ceremony. This means you won’t have to run off after the ceremony to take these photos while your guests are at your reception. You can get to the party faster and have a blast with all your guests!

So consider a First Look for your wedding day! It will be a moment you will never forget!





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~lisa & leslie

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  1. Katie says:

    beautifully said! I wish I could go back 4 years and do a first look….it’s the only regret I have from my wedding day! Which is pretty good considering all the things that can go wrong on a big day like that. LOL!

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