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January 27, 2014

The wedding day timeline is really important.   I  have even had some of my brides create a color coded spreadsheet to organize the day.  Do you need to do that?  No.  But you really do need to outline the flow of the day so that you don’t find yourself scrambling and stressed.   The key? Get your photographer involved with you and whoever else is helping with the timeline (definitely you’re Coordinator if you have one) to help guide you through the process!

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Many of my brides have contacted me to help guide them through their timelines or even to just get a few pointers.  I welcome any questions and am thrilled to help.  This is all part of making your day amazing!  Here are a few tips to get you started.  More tips to follow:

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It is so important for me as a photographer to tell a couple’s entire wedding day story. From getting ready moments, the details, decor, the excitement that everyone shares before the ceremony or first look…all the way to the end of the night.  Typically when I arrive, the bride is getting ready, and the groom shortly thereafter. Allotting time for these photographs is important because it gives photographers time to document what is going on during getting ready! Allow about an hour for the getting ready photos.  This includes getting your dress on.  Also, a full hour gives photographers time to go between the bride getting ready and the groom getting ready!

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If you can build in a little extra time into the ‘getting ready’ slot, it would be great!  Why?  So you can take the time to breathe and enjoy.  The day will go by much faster than you expect it to, so savor the moments.  Maybe an extra 15-20 minutes.

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When you begin to layout the timeline, remember to share with your bridal party.  You really want them to be ready for the getting ready shots so they can be in them as well.  If they are dressed and ready to go, they will feel much more confident while the photos are being taken.  This might seem obvious, but I have many of my brides ask if bridesmaids, groomsmen and parents need to be ready when they are.  Remember…there is no silly question.  If you want a day to run smoothly, you want to plan.  Keep in mind, that it is best to work in some wiggle room because delays can and usually will happen.  It will be my job to work with and around the timeline to keep the stress off you so you can simply enjoy 🙂

Stay tuned for more tips.  Have a question?  Leave a comment or email me at


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