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January 24, 2014

Time flies.  It is something we say which means that time passes very quickly, often so quickly that we are surprised.  When I think about the fact that over 7 years have passed since I lived in Colorado, I realized that this saying is so true.  While living in Colorado, I began to take my photography from a hobbyist level to a professional one.  Photography forums were all the rage…they were a place for budding and established photographers to talk shop.  It was then, about 8 1/2 years ago, that I mentioned I wanted to start doing sessions called “Toujours”.  The common question was “What is that?”.   I would reply by saying “It’s an amazing experience for women.”  I know…that really doesn’t say too much does it?

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First of all the word Toujours is French:

toujours (tu zur)




  1. always; continually; forever


Just saying the word is fun, but what it means is why I chose it for these portrait sessions.  In a nutshell, these sessions are elegant, classy, fashionable and fun.  I have even heard past clients say “liberating”.  You might be thinking “Well..isn’t this essentially a boudoir session?”.  Yes and no.  Yes because they have something in common and that is they are both intimate photography sessions for women.  The reason I say no is because I really wanted to focus more on you, your unique beauty and creating art out of that which makes us women.  I didn’t want to focus too much on makeovers, props and lighting.  Don’t get me wrong…great lighting is a MUST and is definitely a part of these sessions, it just isn’t overly lit or too dramatic.  There are emotions and beauty to be found in the shadows and soft light.

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I don’t want you to put these in a drawer to be hidden.  I really want you to feel proud to display these as art.  These are perfect for a vanity area, master bathroom, bedroom, night stand, hand-crafted albums…you name it.   I believe that we, as women, seldom care for ourselves enough.  We nurture others, and often put our own needs on the back burner.  Remember…you need time to take care of you & restore yourself inside and out.   When you feel good about yourself, you walk taller, smile more and have more energy for those that you love.

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Some of you might be thinking…”I would feel guilty spending money on myself for photographs of ME”…  or “Won’t it make me look vain?”…or “I need to get in shape first.”.

I will reply by saying that there will never be the perfect time.  One day you will look up and 7 years have quickly gone by and you would have wished you had done it then.  This absolutely does not make you vain.  Celebrate your beauty…it really is OK!  As for spending money on yourself, well the simple answer to that is, we must invest in ourselves in many ways.  This is just one beautiful way to do so.  When you are having a blah day, you can look back at your photos and say “wow….I felt really beautiful and walked away feeling confident”…and you still are and can.

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While I want you do feel incredibly beautiful…I want you to also recognize yourself in the photos.  If you don’t see you in these photos, you won’t get out of them what I wish you to.   Yes, you will be directed into the most flattering poses and lighting, but it’s important to stay natural too.  And when you feel comfortable during your session…you will surprise yourself what we can create together.

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Photos from your Toujours session make for a great gift for that special someone in your life, but they also are an amazing gift to give to yourself.  My beautiful client featured in these photos did this for her fiance’ to give to him on their wedding day.  Watching him open the album and seeing the tears in his eyes was priceless!!



toujour blog 7


Custom sessions are $300 and last approximately 2 hours.  Contact me for more details at or feel free to call me as well at 864-640-5045.

I look forward to working with you soon!



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