Sarah & Collin | the rehearsal dinner

June 27, 2013

Sarah & Collin’s rehearsal dinner is still one that I am talking about. It was SO much fun and there were so many special details that made the night more than memorable. After the rehearsal at Furman’s Daniel Chapel, everyone headed to The West End Zone at the Clemson Stadium. Just before everyone sat down for dinner, I ran downstairs to grab another lens and ran into the Clemson Tiger and Tiger Cub. I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to have a little photo fun with them just before we all made our way back upstairs and they made their grand entrance. Sarah was the Clemson Tiger Cub, so this was a special touch to the evening. The first slideshow was shown on the jumbotron which was really cool!! The evening was so beautiful and made for a great way to sit outside and watch the show. The second slideshow was shown inside and had every single person laughing like mad. Hats off to Collin’s groomsmen that created it…great job!

Did I mention the cakes? Oh my! The cakes were over the top amazing. Since Collin and his friends are die hard video game fans, the cake was designed around several of his favorite games. The frog in the car cake had ‘Flossem’ as the license plate…a nice touch since Collin is currently in dental school in Chicago. Every little thing was thought of and presented perfectly.

Again, congratulations to Sarah & Collin!!

SC-rehearsal dinner01

SC-rehearsal dinner02

SC-rehearsal dinner03

SC-rehearsal dinner04

SC-rehearsal dinner05

SC-rehearsal dinner06

SC-rehearsal dinner07

SC-rehearsal dinner08

SC-rehearsal dinner09

SC-rehearsal dinner10

SC-rehearsal dinner11

SC-rehearsal dinner12

SC-rehearsal dinner13

SC-rehearsal dinner14

SC-rehearsal dinner15

SC-rehearsal dinner16

SC-rehearsal dinner17

SC-rehearsal dinner18

SC-rehearsal dinner19

SC-rehearsal dinner20

SC-rehearsal dinner21

SC-rehearsal dinner22

SC-rehearsal dinner23

SC-rehearsal dinner24

SC-rehearsal dinner25

SC-rehearsal dinner26

SC-rehearsal dinner27

SC-rehearsal dinner28

SC-rehearsal dinner29

SC-rehearsal dinner30

SC-rehearsal dinner31

SC-rehearsal dinner32

SC-rehearsal dinner33

SC-rehearsal dinner34

SC-rehearsal dinner35

SC-rehearsal dinner36

SC-rehearsal dinner37

SC-rehearsal dinner38

SC-rehearsal dinner39

SC-rehearsal dinner40

SC-rehearsal dinner41

SC-rehearsal dinner42

SC-rehearsal dinner43

SC-rehearsal dinner44

SC-rehearsal dinner45

SC-rehearsal dinner46

SC-rehearsal dinner47

SC-rehearsal dinner48

SC-rehearsal dinner49

SC-rehearsal dinner50

SC-rehearsal dinner51

SC-rehearsal dinner52

SC-rehearsal dinner53

SC-rehearsal dinner54

SC-rehearsal dinner55

SC-rehearsal dinner56

SC-rehearsal dinner57

SC-rehearsal dinner58

SC-rehearsal dinner59

SC-rehearsal dinner60

SC-rehearsal dinner61

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  1. Karrie Daze says:

    Hey! Those are our cakes!! They were a great couple and we loved making them! You did a great job with the photos!
    Karrie ~Buttercream Bakehouse

  2. Katie says:

    OMG, Lisa!! What an awesomely fun rehearsal! Beautiful capture as always — I don’t think I stopped smiling the whole time flipping through these. Great job of showing the “feel” of this rehearsal so well that someone not there could see the excitement and joy in this couple and their family and friends! Love you, girl!

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