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June 12, 2014

Sometimes a frustrating challenge can make for a fabulous outcome! And when I say challenge, I don’t mean my bride of course…I am referring to late spring/early summer weather here in the south. Megan didn’t really have any wiggle room in her calendar to reschedule her bridal session, so when the forecast was calling for a good bit of rain, it was time to look at plan B,C and D. haha. Megan’s session was on a Saturday afternoon which meant that most venues would be booked with weddings and even graduation parties. For two days I frantically dialed countless phone numbers, posted on Facebook and asked fellow photographers for suggestions. I didn’t want Megan to worry or be let down that we couldn’t find a location that really fit the overall feel of what she wanted. And then finally…a location was found and we made our trek to Spartanburg. It wasn’t a plan D or even a B for that matter. It seemed as though this location was meant to be discovered just for my beautiful bride. Simply put, it was perfect!! I have been dying to share these photos but had to wait until after her wedding day of course. Megan, you truly were a stunning bride and I am beyond thrilled that we got to work together.

Be sure to check out the Clevedale Historic Inn & Gardens in Spartanburg. Paul & Pontheolla Abernathy are the owners and have done a fantastic job with the home as well as their gardens. Pontheolla was so inviting and made our time there even more enjoyable. Thank you!

Here is a peek into Megan’s bridal session. She was and is simply stunning!!

Megan bridal01

Megan bridal02

Megan bridal03

Megan bridal04

Megan bridal05

Megan bridal06

Megan bridal07

Megan bridal08

Megan bridal09

Megan bridal10

Megan bridal11

Megan bridal12

Megan bridal13

Megan bridal14

Megan bridal15

Megan bridal16

Megan bridal17

Megan bridal18

Megan bridal19

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