Kristen + Jacob | the wedding day

November 25, 2014

Elegance, class, timeless beauty, laughter, fall colors and a whole lot of love. These are only a handful of words for me to describe Kristen & Jacob’s perfect wedding day. When I arrived at the Poinsett Club to meet up with the girls for getting ready photos, I couldn’t help but notice that the grounds were surrounded in bright beautiful fall colors. I knew we just HAD to get outside and take photos in all that color prior to heading to the church. Not only did we use those beautifully colored leaves as a backdrop, but tossing the leaves up in the air was a must…and oh how fun it was!! It was almost as if tossing the leaves was a way to show just HOW fun the day was going to be..and it was 🙂 Shortly after, it was time to get on the trolley and head to the church in Mauldin. My associate Katie and I had a chance to say hello and briefly catch up before we had to be in place for the ceremony. Once Kristen & Jacob completed their vows and photos were taken, it was time to make our way back to the Poinsett Club in Greenville. The ballroom was absolutely spectacular!! Every little detail was beautiful…and then add in a visit from the Clemson Tiger, incredible singing, a lot of dancing and Krispy Kreme donuts to leave with…what more could you ask for? Congratulations to you both Kristen & Jacob. I am so very happy for you and wish you a lifetime of happiness. It was an honor to be a part of your wedding events and I thank you. A big thank you to Katie for all your help, hard work and creativity!

Please enjoy the slideshow and photos to follow.

KJ wedding001

KJ wedding002

KJ wedding003

KJ wedding004

KJ wedding005

KJ wedding006

KJ wedding007

KJ wedding008

KJ wedding009

KJ wedding010

KJ wedding011

KJ wedding012

KJ wedding013

KJ wedding014

KJ wedding015

KJ wedding016

KJ wedding017

KJ wedding018

KJ wedding019

KJ wedding020

KJ wedding021

KJ wedding022

KJ wedding023

KJ wedding024

KJ wedding025

KJ wedding026

KJ wedding027

KJ wedding028

KJ wedding029

KJ wedding030

KJ wedding031

KJ wedding032

KJ wedding033

KJ wedding034

KJ wedding035

KJ wedding036

KJ wedding037

KJ wedding038

KJ wedding039

KJ wedding040

KJ wedding041

KJ wedding042

KJ wedding043

KJ wedding044

KJ wedding045

KJ wedding046

KJ wedding047

KJ wedding048

KJ wedding049

KJ wedding050

KJ wedding051

KJ wedding052

KJ wedding053

KJ wedding054

KJ wedding055

KJ wedding056

KJ wedding057

KJ wedding058

KJ wedding059

KJ wedding060

KJ wedding061

KJ wedding062

KJ wedding063

KJ wedding064

KJ wedding065

KJ wedding066

KJ wedding067

KJ wedding068

KJ wedding069

KJ wedding070

KJ wedding071

KJ wedding072

KJ wedding073

KJ wedding074

KJ wedding075

KJ wedding076

KJ wedding077

KJ wedding078

KJ wedding079

KJ wedding080

KJ wedding081

KJ wedding082

KJ wedding083

KJ wedding084

KJ wedding085

KJ wedding086

KJ wedding087

KJ wedding088

KJ wedding089

KJ wedding090

KJ wedding091

KJ wedding092

KJ wedding093

KJ wedding094

KJ wedding095

KJ wedding096

KJ wedding097

KJ wedding098

KJ wedding099

KJ wedding100

KJ wedding101

KJ wedding102

KJ wedding103

KJ wedding104

KJ wedding105

KJ wedding106

KJ wedding107

KJ wedding108

KJ wedding109

KJ wedding110

KJ wedding111

KJ wedding112

KJ wedding113

KJ wedding114

KJ wedding115

KJ wedding116

KJ wedding117

KJ wedding118

KJ wedding119

KJ wedding120

KJ wedding121

KJ wedding122

KJ wedding123

KJ wedding124

KJ wedding125

KJ wedding126

KJ wedding127

KJ wedding128

KJ wedding129

KJ wedding130

KJ wedding131

KJ wedding132

KJ wedding133

KJ wedding134

KJ wedding135

KJ wedding136

KJ wedding137

KJ wedding138

KJ wedding139

KJ wedding140

KJ wedding141

KJ wedding142

KJ wedding143

KJ wedding144

KJ wedding145

KJ wedding146

KJ wedding147

KJ wedding148

KJ wedding149

KJ wedding150

KJ wedding151

KJ wedding152

KJ wedding153

KJ wedding154

KJ wedding155

KJ wedding156

KJ wedding157

KJ wedding158

KJ wedding159

KJ wedding160

KJ wedding161

KJ wedding162

KJ wedding163

KJ wedding164

KJ wedding165

KJ wedding166

KJ wedding167

KJ wedding168

KJ wedding169

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