Jimmi Leigh & Zach | wedding

June 24, 2011

We all want the wedding day to go along without a hitch because so much time and emotion goes into planning the big day. But sometimes those ‘hitches’ make for great stories to tell for years to come. In a way, it adds to the magic of it all. This little hitch was so funny it had everyone including Jimmi Leigh & Zach, laughing. I will explain in just a moment. I feel like I was getting ready to announce the next American Idol or something by saying…”In just a moment”.

The day started off by the girls getting together at The Ryan Nicholas Inn to have hair and makeup done. Just as Jimmi Leigh was getting into her dress, she started to fidget with her ring while a team of people buttoned the back. I could tell she was nervous. Jimmi Leigh & Zach decided to do a First Look because they wanted to have time to get great photos and not be rushed after the ceremony. What they didn’t expect was to feel so good after the First Look because it reduced the nervous feelings in both of them and they got a chance to relax & enjoy. Both of them mentioned how happy they were that they made the decision to do this ahead of time. And boy were they really glad, because the lightning and heavy rains started right before the ceremony. It was just meant to be.

This brings me back to what I was going to say in the beginning. Since the weather called for rain, Jimmi Leigh’s grandfather JW, decided to have the car at the Inn for the First Look and then drive it back home just in case it hailed. He would then go back home and have it back in time for the exit. 40 minutes had gone by and no one could reach JW and presumed something happened with the car. Someone yelled out “anyone have a cool car for an exit?” and a few people responded that they did. A nice Mercedes pulled up and the guests blew bubbles and cheered as the newly married couple ran to the getaway car. Zach opens the door and said “oh..there is a car seat in the way”. So Jimmi Leigh got in the front and Zach got in back and waved goodbye while laughing the entire time. Just as the car pulled away and I went to put my camera down, we heard a low rumble and saw faint headlights. Coming up the driveway was JW with the antique Corvette. I ran to get my camera and exit #2 was in the making! More cheers & bubbles as they did it one more time.

What a fun story to end a perfect day. I wish you all the happiness in the world Jimmi Leigh & Zach and am honored to have been a part of something so special to you and your families. Thank you to Katie Turner for your hard and amazing work! Posted below are a handful of images and the slideshow to follow.

lisa carpenter weddings ZJL01

lisa carpenter weddings ZJL02

lisa carpenter weddings ZJL03

lisa carpenter weddings ZJL04

lisa carpenter weddings ZJL05

lisa carpenter weddings ZJL06

lisa carpenter weddings ZJL07

lisa carpenter weddings ZJL08

lisa carpenter weddings ZJL09

lisa carpenter weddings ZJL10

lisa carpenter weddings ZJL11

lisa carpenter weddings ZJL12

lisa carpenter weddings ZJL13

lisa carpenter weddings ZJL14

lisa carpenter weddings ZJL15

lisa carpenter weddings ZJL16

lisa carpenter weddings ZJL17

lisa carpenter weddings ZJL18

lisa carpenter weddings ZJL20

lisa carpenter weddings ZJL21

lisa carpenter weddings ZJL22

lisa carpenter weddings ZJL25

lisa carpenter weddings ZJL26

lisa carpenter weddings ZJL27

lisa carpenter weddings ZJL28

lisa carpenter weddings ZJL29

Online gallery will be ready tomorrow. Thank you for stopping by!


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