Jillian & Garri | the wedding

August 23, 2012


Where was my waterproof mascara on this beautifully touching wedding?  Jillian & Garri express their love in so many ways yet say no words.  When they were exchanging their cards and gifts while they stood on opposite sides of the door, my eyes couldn’t help but water…a lot!  I could see and feel their emotion and love for each other.  Jillian made the “I love you” sign around the door and well, that said it all.  This was their big day and Jillian had put a  lot of thought into the details and plans.  The details were plenty, yet just enough to keep the overall look very classy.

The last time I saw Jillian & Garri was when they flew to Greenville to have their engagement session.  This was a perfect time for us to get to know each other and form a bit of a bond before the BIG day.  You will notice in one of the photos where everyone is either holding up their hands and shaking them or twirling a napkin in the air.  This is to applaud Jillian & Garri during special moments at the reception.

I am so honored to have been a part of their special thank you Jillian & Garri.  I wish you both so much happiness.  Your family and friends are wonderful.  Thank you to Katie for all your help as I couldn’t capture all these special moments without you.  Katie did a brilliant job working with the guys while I was off with the girls during the getting ready process.  Please enjoy a handful of images below and the slideshow after the last posted photo.


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  1. Bruce and Dana Barnes says:

    Those pictures and slides gave me alot of goosebumps and brought me some tears when Jillian and Garri exchanging their cards without seeing. Very Awesome. Wish Jillian and Garri the best luck in life and abide the wedded vows for the many years to come. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Glenda McCary says:

    The pictures and the slide show was absolutely breathtaking! You were gorgeous! The gift exchange made me cry like a baby! The love you two show though your pictures are amazing and I wish you both a world of happiness!

  3. Lisa Spurgis says:

    wow it is very very beautiful Wedding Love you both!!! I got good teary eyed when saw gift exxchange!!!! <3

  4. Cathi Holst says:

    Very beautiful!!

  5. Cathi Holst says:

    Very beautiful!! Best picture – most touching when you exchanged cards/gift!! It made me tears!!

  6. Christine says:

    Absolutely beautiful! I enjoyed looking at all the pictures. Love the gift exchange!

  7. Cynthia Poupard says:

    Beautiful!!!!! I had tears when I see the pictures of you both exchanged the cards and gifts! Heart-touching!!!! Love the video, too! Love you both!!!

  8. Paula Dawkins says:

    Beautiful !!!! make me teary-eyed ,,, All pictures are very good,,,,

  9. Anita McDaniel says:

    Beautiful!!!! I had a good teary-eyed when saw the gift exchange!.. Beautiful wedding.

  10. anna parris says:

    I got teary-eyed with the gift exchange, too! And loved the children pictures!

  11. Katie Turner says:

    Wow — seeing the gift exchange from your angle in these images just had me in tears! Beautiful shots through blurry eyes, my dear! Even greater testimony to your amazing skills. 🙂 love you and loved shooting with you!

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