Jenny & JD | the wedding day

March 18, 2014

Intimate in size. Big in love. Filled with joy and even a sweet surprise by a group of friends who stopped by on two wheels and in yellow jerseys. This was the day…the day that Jenny & JD got to celebrate their love surrounded by those that love them dearly. There were so many sweet moments throughout the day, but two stick out in my mind as I type this post. One was the ‘How To Tie A Bow Tie’ instruction card attached to the mirror in the dressing tent. The other was the anticipation on each of their faces just before the First Look. For those that worry that the First Look takes away any of the emotion, I can tell you from many observations that it certainly does not..there were smiles & tears during the first time they saw each other and again when Jenny was walking down the aisle. OH and of course I cannot forget the other sweet but really fun moment…the tandem bike. Loved it!!

Jenny & JD, thank you for having me as your photographer. It was an honor. I wish you both the very best and so much happiness. I am thrilled to call you friends as well. Much love!

JD - wedding001

JD - wedding002

JD - wedding003

JD - wedding004

JD - wedding006

JD - wedding007

JD - wedding008

JD - wedding009

JD - wedding010

JD - wedding011

JD - wedding012

JD - wedding013

JD - wedding014

JD - wedding015

JD - wedding016

JD - wedding017

JD - wedding018

JD - wedding019

JD - wedding020

JD - wedding021

JD - wedding022

JD - wedding023

JD - wedding024

JD - wedding025

JD - wedding026

JD - wedding027

JD - wedding028

JD - wedding029

JD - wedding030

JD - wedding031

JD - wedding032

JD - wedding033

JD - wedding034

JD - wedding035

JD - wedding036

JD - wedding037

JD - wedding038

JD - wedding039

JD - wedding040

JD - wedding041

JD - wedding042

JD - wedding043

JD - wedding044

JD - wedding045

JD - wedding046

JD - wedding047

JD - wedding048

JD - wedding049

JD - wedding050

JD - wedding051

JD - wedding052

JD - wedding054

JD - wedding055

JD - wedding056

JD - wedding057

JD - wedding058

JD - wedding059

JD - wedding060

JD - wedding061

JD - wedding062

JD - wedding063

JD - wedding064

JD - wedding066

JD - wedding067

JD - wedding068

JD - wedding069

JD - wedding070

JD - wedding071

JD - wedding072

JD - wedding073

JD - wedding074

JD - wedding075

JD - wedding076

JD - wedding077

JD - wedding078

JD - wedding079

JD - wedding080

JD - wedding081

JD - wedding082

JD - wedding083

JD - wedding084

JD - wedding085

JD - wedding086

JD - wedding087

JD - wedding088

JD - wedding089

JD - wedding090

JD - wedding091

JD - wedding092

JD - wedding093

JD - wedding094

JD - wedding095

JD - wedding096

JD - wedding097

JD - wedding098

JD - wedding099

JD - wedding100

JD - wedding101

JD - wedding102

JD - wedding103

JD - wedding104

JD - wedding105

JD - wedding106

JD - wedding107

JD - wedding108

JD - wedding109

JD - wedding110

JD - wedding111

JD - wedding112

JD - wedding113

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  1. Mom says:

    What a joy to watch…happiness all over the your faces,looks like you had lots of fun before the ceremony. BEAUTIFUL PICTURES….BEAUTIFUL COUPLE


  2. Jenny & JD says:

    Thanks Lisa! The slideshow and the photos turned out so great! We are very happy that you shared our day with us. And thanks Tedd and all of your fellow wedding crashers!!

  3. Tedd says:

    JD & Jenny! Love personified in the pictures! They brought tears to my eyes! Love you two and I love JD2! Wow!

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