In Color

January 31, 2009

I have spent a bit of my Saturday morning making pancakes & eggs for my boys, doing laundry and watching  I have a shoot coming up that I am getting ideas for and so I went to watch the top 20 countdown on CMT and came across one of them that moved me.  The video is “In Color” by Jamey Johnson and is awesome.  I love the simplicity of the video…just great lighting, the artist, guitar and a bunch of photographs on the floor.  I played it 5 times because the words reminded me just how important it is to share memories with family and even better, shuffle through a bunch of old photographs that bring those memories to life.  Photos don’t have to be taken only when you are smiling and all is great, they can be taken at all times.  A wonderful memory I have is sitting on the floor with my grandma pulling old photos out of her cedar chest.  Some of them were so old that they were brittle and yellowed.  While going through the pile of black & white images she would tell me about the simple houses, hard times and how little they had.  I also learned that my grandpa was a part of the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) and when my oldest son was doing a history report on the CCC, I could tell him I knew a good bit about it and have some photos to show.  Almost like a history lesson but better because it’s personal. I now have those old photographs as she told me “you will appreciate and use them”.

The point is this:  take photos often and put them in a safe place.  Don’t just wait to have them taken by a professional.  When you do have professional photos taken, make sure that “you” are captured in print.  Your smiles, laughter and emotions.  Here is the video.

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  1. Oh I certainly hope so 🙂 I guess that is why I need to remind myself to print them as well!

  2. Neil Walker says:

    How true, and there’s no excuse now with digital cameras…but will we be able to view them all in fifty years??

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