Exercise your body, spirit AND mind…at the gym?

December 8, 2007

My answer is yes!  I have mentioned before that I love what I do because I really enjoy people and making them feel good in front of the camera.  I have always liked to observe people and their interactions and expressions.  Usually when I am at the gym I slip into my own little world and don’t do much observing.  If I am on the bike or elliptical I will put my head down slightly, close my eyes and have a bit of time to myself to really get into my workout…now, that doesn’t work on the treadmill as I would land flat on my face:)  But this last time I found myself watching others while listening to my music.  I saw some people reading while on the bike, others play basketball, some lifting weights and even a woman working really hard with a physical therapist.  Well after I finished my workout I saw something that caught my eye.  Next to the smoothie bar there is a grouping of high round tables.  There were 3 men playing an intense game of chess.  I didn’t think of seeing this activity at a gym, but more like a big city park.  As I walked away I thought, they are exercising…their minds that is!  My point is that you can exercise more than your body at the gym.  Which reminds me to start doing yoga to exercise the spirit and reduce stress during the holiday season.haha.  It is so cool to take in things around you simply by observing:)

OH…and if you have been observing my blog lately, I just wanted to say that I will be announcing the FREE session details on Tuesday!!!  Stay tuned.


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  1. Thanks for commenting Kari and Eric! The gym is my place to regain my sanity:)

  2. Kari says:

    Ohh… I need to join a gym! Where do you find the time inbetween all that editing? You go Girl!

  3. Eric says:

    That’s totally our job as photographers!

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