Engagement Session Giveaway Contest Finalists

February 19, 2013

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The engagement session giveaway contest entries with their photos and stories have been received and here are your three finalists.  Be sure to vote for your favorite by leaving a comment below and giving a ‘like’ on the Lisa Carpenter Photography Facebook page.  This has been SO much fun reading each story and I thank everyone that participated.  Good luck!!

Kelley Gallo & Ben Moore

Ben and I grew up in the same town of Liberty, SC. However until 2005, we never met. Ben is 3 years older than I am and I went to school in Easley. It’s hard to believe our soul mate can live only 5 minutes from you for so long and you never know.

On a fateful day in July of 2005, I went to a car show in Liberty to try and talk to my ex-boyfriend. Well, there was this very cute guy there helping my ex work on his car. That guy was Benjamin Moore. Ben and I were introduced to each other. After the car show, a large group including Ben and I went to dinner at Wild Wings Café but besides a few words, we didn’t really speak to each other.

A few days later, Ben instant messaged me. Yes, our meeting was that long ago that AOL IM was still very popular. We talked back and forth for a few days and finally he asked me out on an accidental double date. I say accidental because his cousin invited himself along, and I had to ask a girlfriend of mine to join. The date went well, but Ben did not feel like that was really a first date. A couple of days passed, all the while chatting through IM, he asked me to go for a ride on his brand new motorcycle. Basically, this story went that my parents did not want me on a motorcycle, so I didn’t tell them I was going. Being the clumsy person that I am, I burnt my leg on the tail pipe of the motor cycle. Well, my dad asked me about the burn, since it was August and I couldn’t just hide it with jeans. Confession time unless my dad reads this story, he still believes that I accidentally pulled my curling iron off of the counter and it burned me… sorry daddy!

Well a month and half passed by and I started my freshman year at Clemson University. Ben and I continued to hang out. However, he never tried to hold my hand or kiss me or anything in that month and half! I was started to wonder about this guy. On September 4, 2005 Ben came to a Clemson home football game with me. After the game, we were trying to walk through the crowd and I start to fall behind the crowd. In an effort to “not to get left behind,” I grabbed his hand. For the best part, as we were walking away from the stadium with friends, I had to walk in the opposite direction as of everyone else. It was clear we had no idea how we were supposed to say good bye to each other, so we did this pass by first kiss thing. It was truly one of the most awkward things you have ever seen. You could tell our friends were trying not to bust out laughing. This was the beginning to some of the best awkward moments of my life, including when he accidentally told me he loved me before he meant too.

You may have noticed that I said we met in 2005, that was seven and half years ago. During that time, Ben and I have gone through some of the best and the worst times in our lives. We survived college, both graduating from Clemson. We survived several close family members dying, divorce, severe sickness, three car accidents, and living apart for almost a full year, as I traveled for a job. But mostly we celebrated friends, family, awkward moments and good times during those years. In the contest, it asked when did you know you would say “I do.” That moment for me happened many times in our 7.5 years together but there is one memory that really sticks in my mind. Ben is a true romantic and never half does anything. He has written me a beautiful song and played it on the guitar (our first Valentine’s Day). He has written a poem for me, made the paper look old by dying it in coffee, and writing the poem in calligraphy (because everyone knows how to write in calligraphy). I have been surprised with a music box with a stain glass window inside of one of our pictures and I have been whisked away on surprised trips. I LOVE all of those things, but for me it is the small things and moments in life that mean the most. Like that he always holds my hand wherever we go, or the moment I knew I truly loved him, when he let me poke at his fries in a restaurant so I could find the squishy ones, which are my favorite.

The proposal: Like I said, Ben never half does anything. On December 17, 2012, I sat at my dining room table hot gluing picture frames together for a surprise 80th birthday party for my grandmother on the next night. Ben asked if I could take a short break to talk about our trip that weekend to Biltmore, or at least I thought that was where we were going. Ben handed me a piece of paper that said “We are going to New York City!”. Oh and by the way, we are leaving Thursday night the 20th on a bus. If you know me I am a planner, I had every day until Christmas planned with baking and wrapping, etc. My response to this surprise was, “oh, oh wow.” I could see the hurt in Ben’s eyes and immediately felt horrible and tried to reverse my reaction. I asked for him to give me until Wednesday and I will be okay. After a long 13 hours on a bus to NY, we arrive in the Big Apple five hours late. That night we enjoyed a wonderful evening of food and the Rockettes’ Christmas Spectacular. The next morning Ben asked if we could walk through Central Park and find Bow Bridge, which is one of my favorites NYC spots from the movies. We came to NYC two years ago for New Year’s Eve and it was so snowy that we couldn’t walk through the Park, so I was really excited to finally get to. I should have known something was up, because Ben, who is not a planner, had an app to guide us to the bridge. Once we got to the bridge, we took a few pictures and were about to leave when Ben looked at me and said” Last time we were in New York, we started a new year together. This time, I would like for us to start our lives together. Will you Marry Me?” I was so shocked; I paused, asked him if he was sure, and finally said yes! If that wasn’t magical enough, just as it started to snow, a couple approached us on the bridge and said that they had seen Ben get down on one knee and took a picture of us in case we wanted it. That picture means so much to me and I can’t thank that couple enough for the sweet gesture.

This engagement shoot would mean so much to Ben and me. After all those moments and years, we are at last joining together as one. These photos would be a true capture of the love and fun awkwardness we have with each other. Lisa Carpenter has been one of our favorite photographers for years. Ben and I have a few great pictures here and there but we believe that Lisa possess that magical lens that could truly capture our love story.


Ashley DeCristofaro & Christopher Clarke

Our Story:

Christopher and Ashley attended Clemson University for their undergraduate degrees. It was their common interest in health and science that caused the two to cross paths. As a  person wisely stated, “love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking together in the same direction,” this holds true for Chris and Ashley’s story.

Chris and Ashley’s story dates back six years ago, when Ashley and Chris began their undergraduate degrees–Ashley in nursing and Christopher premed. It was hard for Chris not to notice Ashley his Freshman year in math class  but it wasn’t until Sophomore year in anatomy lab when the two first exchanged words. Chris and Ashley were lab dissection partners and soon learned they enjoyed each other’s company. It wasn’t long before they became friends and study partners. In the semesters following anatomy lab, Chris and Ashley kept in touch—but less and less over the years. As time passed, they were still on each other’s mind. It wasn’t until after college that their paths crossed again and they realized they couldn’t live without each other. Chris and Ashley were both in school again, but this time in separate cities pursing dreams. Christopher in Columbia, South Carolina studying Medicine and Ashley in Greenville, South Carolina working as a nurse at a local hospital and studying to become a Family Nurse Practitioner. They spent as much time together as possible, traveling to see each other on the weekends and supporting each other through the triumphs and challenges they endeavored . After Chris finished his first year of medical school, the two spent the summer together and realized they never wanted to be apart. Chris returned to Columbia for classes in the fall, and he and Ashley counted the days until Christmas break when they could be together again for more than just a day or two. That Christmas break, Chris was in Greenville for the holidays and it was only a matter of time until he asked Ashley to marry him. Chris got down on one knee at Rock Quarry Garden near downtown Greenville, South Carolina, a favorite location where he and Ashley spent much time during their summer together and asked Ashley to be his wife.

Why do we deserve this giveaway?

I absolutely love Lisa Carpenter Photography! I was in Kayce and Justin Sam’s wedding last May and had so much fun taking photos with Lisa as part of the wedding party. She was fun, creative, and got everyone’s sassy side to come out! I continue to be impressed with her photography and the personality of her work. I have found the man of my dreams–my companion, my best friend, and my most trusted confidante. He gives me courage to follow my dreams and made my dreams come true from the moment we fell in love. Nothing could make this perfect fairytale more prefect than an engagement photo session with Lisa Carpenter!



Chelsea Forsyth & Al Briggs

One boy, one girl, 2 loves, baseball and each other.

Four years ago, a mutual love for the sport of baseball brought us together, little did we know then how far that would take us. They say love endures all things, and that has been nothing short of true. Our relationship started out as a friendship simply because our situations with work, school and location didn’t make it realistic to pursue a serious relationship…or so we thought. Despite life’s hurdles we talked all the time and discovered that we connected on many levels, enough to start the process of a long distance relationship. Our love for each other was based on intelligent conversation and humor, but deep down our love for baseball is what brought us together. We both played, we both loved watching and seeing new stadiums/fields and we both love the history of the game. After a couple hard years of back and forth from state to state, we finally decided we should make the leap and find a place together. It was the best decision we ever made. Now instead of traveling to see one another, we’re traveling together to see all the baseball landmarks and stadiums together. Sharing experiences and moments that will last a lifetime. You always want to find your best friend, your soul mate.. but when you’re lucky enough to find that person that encompasses everything you want, and who also shares a deep love and passion for one of your biggest interests, there’s nothing better. A vintage baseball themed wedding is now in the works set for March of 2014, no better way than to display our love for each other and our love for the game. We would love the opportunity for Lisa Carpenter Photography to be able to capture our love in an engagement session, so please vote for us!


Thank you again to all that entered and now the fun begins!!  I loved reading your stories and thank you for sharing it with all of us!


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  2. Heather says:

    Good Luck Ashley and Chris!

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    Kelley and Ben!

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    Chris and Ashley should win the contest. They share a special connection and you can tell how happy they make each other

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    My vote is for Chris and Ashley

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    Ashley and Chris 100%!!!!

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    Go Ben and Kelley! They get my vote!

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    So want Chris and Ashley to win!

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    Ashley and Chris are the most loving people I know!

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    Go Kelley & Ben!! SO excited for y’all!

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  18. Bob says:

    Chris and Ashley make each other so happy and it will show in your pictures!!! Good luck guys!

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    Ashley and Chris are my favorites!

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    I wish Kelley and Ben all the happiness in the world. This session would mean so much to them!

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    Ashley and Chris are two of the most genuine, humble people I know. They, more than anyone, deserve to win this contest.

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    How could you not love Ben and Kelley’s story. They get my vote!

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    My daughter and Ashley are good friends, this session would mean the world to them!! GOod luck Ashley and Chris!

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    I know Ashley very well and I think her and Chris deserve this more than anything in the world!

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    Chris and Ashley is my vote. Good luck guys.

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    Chris and Ashley all the way!

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    It is so wonderful to see Kelley and Ben interact. They deserve this the most!

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    Good Luck Ashley and Chris! Love Nana

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    My vote is for Kelley and Ben! Best of luck!

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    Kelley & Ben definitely deserve the photos!

  56. Lynsey Austin says:

    I have know Kelley since we were 5 years old. Our famililes met at the beach and we happened to all come back every year until we were 18. We grew talking about our weddings, futures, and how our kids would grow up together going to the beach together. This shoot would mean the world to her and Ben. She finally has the man of her dreams and I know they have worked hard to get her. Go Kelley & Ben!

  57. Larry says:

    Kelley and Ben so sweet.

  58. Sue says:

    Ashley & Chris, without a doubt:)

  59. Sue says:

    Ashley & Chris without a doubt:)

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    Kelley is my advisor and is so cute when she talks about Ben. True love is hard to find but they have it.

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    Ben and kelley deserve this. my vote goes to them

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    Ben and Kelley all the way <3

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  101. Nikki says:


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    My son Christopher and his bride to be!

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    I hope Kelley and Ben WIN IT!!!

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    LOVE ~ LOVE ~ LOVE Kelley & Ben!

  129. Don says:

    Ben and I have been friends forever…. he’s a great guy and Kelley is the Sweetest….Good Luck.

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    You must let Kelley and Ben have this opportunity….
    they would be fun and adorable to shoot 🙂

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    My vote is for Kelley & Ben!

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    Ben & Kelley are a deserving couple!

  133. Tals says:


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  138. Sean Miles says:

    My girlfriend’s cousin Chris and his fiancé should be the winners! I’m rooting for them!!!

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    Kelley and Ben are more deserving of this than anyone. They have been through so much and stood the test of time. Kelley and Ben all the way!

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    I vote for Ashley and Christopher “The Chooting Guy”!!!!
    Congratulations and good luck to both of you.

  160. Mamah Jawad says:

    I vote for Ashly and Christopher “The Chooting Guy”!!!
    Good luck to both of you!!!!

  161. Jenny Leonard says:

    Ashley and Chris, you guys look so happy!! wishing you guys happiness, love and laughter…and a photo session to capture these beautiful days!

  162. S Lide says:

    Ashley and Chris. Deserving Couple!!!

  163. Marcelo says:

    I neve voted for Al and Chelsea — theres an error in the comment section. Vote goes to Ashley and Chris

  164. Cindy says:

    My vote goes to Ashely and Chris!

  165. Justin Lambert says:

    My friend Lindsey is in school with Ashley and they study together all the time! My vote is for Ashley and Chris!

  166. Neal Culler says:

    Lindsey and Ashley go to school together and she thinks so highly of Ashley! My vote goes for Ashley and Chris!

  167. Eric D. says:

    Chris and Ashley, I hope you win!

  168. Hillary Kirtland says:

    ASHLEY AND CHRIS FOR SURE!!!!! I have met them and I love their chemistry (I guess it was fate that they should have such great chemistry, both being in the medical field haha)!

  169. Lauren Watson says:

    Ashley and Chris!! 😀

  170. John Feerman says:

    Ashley and Chris yo

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    Ashley and Chris amazing couple

  172. Lauren Watson says:

    I vote Ashley and Chris!! 😀

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    Al and Chelsea!!!

  174. Kathy says:

    Al & Chelsea so deserve this… <3

  175. Kathy says:

    Al & Chelsea so deserve this…

  176. Melissa Ross says:

    Ashley and Chris get my vote!

  177. Karen says:

    What a beautiful story! This is a love story that is destined to become even more beautiful through the years. They are two wonderful people who would be so fortunate to have their marriage told, from the very beginning, through the lens of the incredibly talented photographer, Lisa Carpenter. I for vote Kelley and Ben!

  178. Mary F says:

    Many may not know what Ben and Kelley have gone through to get to this day. They are working very hard to make there day perfect on a budget and this photo shot would go a long way. Ben & Kelley all the way.

  179. Drew Madere says:

    Chris & Ashley Good Luck!

  180. Justin Livi says:

    Cris and Ashley 🙂

  181. Louise says:

    Ashley and Chris are wonderful people. The wedding will be a wonderful celebration of love, respect, and true commitment- which will all show in gorgeous photographs.

  182. Linda Lee McNeish says:

    Definately Chris and Ashley! Beautiful couple!

  183. phillip Beeler says:

    I vote for Chris and Ashley!

  184. Janet says:

    I vote for Ashley and Chris!!!!! GOOD LUCK

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    Ashley and Chris!! They would make the most amazing shoot! They deserve this!

  186. Tals says:


    Chris is one of the most special people on the planet and works so hard for his family and to do the right thing even when its not the easy thing!

  187. Andrea says:

    Ashley and Christopher

  188. Heather says:

    Ashley and Chris! Such an adorable couple! They spend their days helping others and I would love to help them win the engagement photo session of their dreams!

  189. Ashton says:

    Ben & Kelley!!!!!!

  190. Dave says:

    Kelley and Ben ALL THE WAY!

  191. Judy says:

    I think Ben and Kelley are soooo Awesome…. I know that you would think so too if you were to photograph them. They are perfect for each other 😉

  192. Missy says:

    Ben and Kelley’s LOVE story is worth putting to pictures.

  193. Deb says:

    Kelley and Ben are too Cute together. Love them 🙂

  194. Adrienne says:

    KELLY ‘N BEN are the BEST!!!!

  195. Lila B says:

    Definitely voting for Ashley and Chris. I think your Photos would turn out Gorgeous of those two.

  196. Alan Z says:

    Ashley and Chris look like a good couple to me!

  197. Elizabeth says:

    Ashley And Chris Has My Vote!!!!!

  198. Megan says:

    I vote for Ashley & Chris!

  199. Albert says:

    Ashley and Chris get my vote!

  200. Walter says:

    Ben & Kelley for the win!

  201. Laura says:

    My vote is for Ashley and Chris!!

  202. Melva Perry says:

    Kelley & Ben! Kelley & Ben!

  203. Louise says:

    Ashley and Chris Rule!!!

  204. Josh says:

    Definitely Ashley and Chris!!!

  205. Harry says:

    Christopher and Ashley have my vote!

  206. Maureen says:

    I vote for Ashley and Christopher. They are a lovely couple.

  207. Robert D says:

    Shad and I vote for Ashley and Chris. Love, Dad

  208. van says:

    my vote is for ashley and chris!!!! whooo-hooo!

  209. Chenille says:

    Ashley and Chris get my vote!

  210. Catherine says:

    Chris and Ashley should definitely be your winners! =]

  211. Caleb says:

    Kelley and Ben have my vote

  212. Patty Goodman says:

    I love Ashley and Chris. As a mother of a medical student I know how hard they are both working and how tight the finanaces are for both of them. They deserve this.

  213. Bernice says:

    Ashley & Chris Please! They are the sweetest couple!!! It has been so much fun watching Ashley grow from a Sweet/Giggly Little Girl into a Kind/Caring Woman who takes nothing for granted! Please grant this Super Hard Working Couple their Wish!!!

  214. Christina says:

    I vote for Ashley and Chris!!

  215. Pat says:

    There is not a more deserving couple than Kelley & Ben!

  216. Bentley says:

    Ben and Kelley!!

  217. Lili says:

    Ashley is the sweetest girl I know!! Always makes you feel good about yourself! Lights up a room! You would be lucky to take her pics 😉

  218. Alex Saad says:


  219. Stacie Hamilton says:

    My vote goes to Al and Chelsea

  220. Lindsey Culler says:

    Ashley and Chris!!

  221. Trent says:

    Chris and Ashley!

  222. Monica J says:

    I’d like to vote for Ashley and Chris!

  223. Lindsey Culler says:

    Seriously, Chris and Ashley!!

  224. Christopher Broome says:

    Chris and Ashley get my vote

  225. Faye :yda says:

    Ben and Kelley, I’ve known Ben and his family a long time , and Ben and Kelley deserves this

  226. Monica says:

    Chelsea and Al all the way!!!!!! Anyone who shares that kind of passion for baseball together is tops in my book!

  227. Jodi says:

    Kelley & Ben should win!

  228. Robert says:

    I vote for Chris and Ashley!

  229. Cindy says:

    Chelsea and Al, I hope they win!

  230. Kristin says:

    Chelsea and Al!

  231. Carlos Yambay says:

    Chelsea and Al get my vote.

  232. Terika says:

    I vote for Chelsea and Al!!! For sure the best love story!

  233. Caroline PIke says:

    I vote Ashley and Chris!!!

  234. Thomas says:

    My vote goes to Christopher and Ashley.

  235. Liz says:

    Chris and Ashley should win!!!!!

  236. Cathy Adams says:

    I vote for Chris and Ashley! They are a sweet couple who deserve to win the photo session.

  237. Teresa Bowers says:

    Ashley and Chris! What an amazingly sweet story and has already stood the test of time. 🙂

  238. Rusty Mills says:

    Chris and Ashley have my vote!

  239. cindy goldberg says:

    Kelly & Ben/Ben & Kelley! sweetest couple ever!

  240. Mary Ann says:

    Ashley and Christopher, definitely.

  241. Dorothy says:

    I vote for Kelley and Ben. They are both wonderful people, and I’m so glad they are finally getting married. Their love and support of one another is obvious to anyone who sees them together.

  242. Julie says:

    Chris & Ashley should win

  243. Carol says:

    Christopher and Ashley, beautiful couple

  244. Eric says:

    Chris & Ashley, they have an amazing relationship and are two dedicated individuals.

  245. Mel Madere says:

    My vote is for Ashley and Chris. I love their story

  246. jennifer campuzano says:


  247. Sharon Black says:

    Good luck, Chris and Ashley. You make a cute couple. You have my vote.

  248. Amanda Chastain says:

    My vote is for Ben and Kelley!! I’ve know Ben for as long as I can remember. I met Kelley at a Clemson football game a few years ago and they are such a sweet couple!! They truly deserve this photo session! Congrats on the engagement!!! Great job on the proposal too Ben!! 🙂

  249. Robbie says:

    I vote for Ashley and Chris, good luck!

  250. Casey says:

    Ben and Kelley!!!

  251. Abby says:

    Chris and Ashley!!!

  252. Tara Coburn says:

    my vote is for Ben and Kelley

  253. Craig Weaver says:

    My vote goes for Ben and Kelley! Congratulations to them both on the engagement ! 🙂

  254. Chrissy says:

    I vote for Ben and Kelley!

  255. J. Theodore says:

    Vote for Ben and Kelly, awesome story!

  256. Lacey Russo says:

    Ben and Kelly all the way!!!

  257. Lacey Russo says:

    Go Kelly and Ben!!!!!

  258. Carly Gudger says:

    Ashley and Chris are an amzing couple with hearts of gold!! They are a very deserving couple! You will feel honored to photograph these two, they will brighten your day!!

  259. Kelly says:

    Ashley and Chris have my vote!

  260. Carolyn says:

    I vote for Chris and Ashley

  261. michelle says:

    I vote for Chris and Ashley: )!!!

  262. Micki says:

    Kelley & Ben for the win!

  263. Kristy Phillips says:

    Congratulations Kelley and Ben!!

  264. Michelle says:

    Kelley and Ben have the best story!

  265. Dan says:

    I vote for Kelley and Ben

  266. Steve says:

    Go Kelley and Ben

  267. Frank says:

    Kelley and Ben! Go Tigers!

  268. Matt says:

    Kelley and Ben should be the winners!

  269. Emily L. says:

    I love Chris and am so happy for him!!

  270. Paige says:

    I vote for Chris and Ashley!!

  271. Andrew Long says:

    Kelley and Ben fo sho!

  272. Erin Cooke says:

    <3 KELLEY AND BEN!!! <3

  273. Arianna Poteat says:

    Ben & Kelley get my vote. Sweet proposal ever! Lots of thought & planning for a guy. Love it!

  274. Alex Saad says:

    Ashley and Chris deserve it! They are great people, hard workers, and want to make a difference for the better in this world!

  275. Sarah says:

    Ashley and Chris should win!

  276. Julie says:

    I vote for Ashley Chris! I think they deserve it the most

  277. Jill says:

    Ashley and Chris!!

  278. Daniel says:

    Chris and Ashley

  279. kelli says:

    ashley and chris!!!

  280. Sheridan says:

    Chris and Ashley should win

  281. Vessa says:

    Chris & Ashley should win!!

  282. Bianca says:

    Chris and Ashley should win!

  283. Leigh says:

    Chris and Ashley should win!

  284. Robyn Venero says:

    Chris and Ashley should win!

  285. Madeline says:

    Chris and Ashley should win!

  286. Alexa Reed says:

    Chris and Ashley should win!!!

  287. Andreina says:

    Ashley & Chris!

  288. Katt Kiner says:

    Chris and Ashley should win! <3

  289. Rebecca Lopez says:

    Chris and Ashley should win!

  290. Paula says:

    Chris and Ashley

  291. Ryan says:

    Anyone who has read Kelley and Ben’s story knows that this is the perfect version of a true love story. This is the short version though. The whole version though is pretty much like a combination of every Disney movie ever made that has a happy ending. These two deserve each other and they also deserve this engagement photo session with this amazing photographer. Kelley & Ben > Everyone else.

  292. Amanda Chivers says:

    Kelley and Ben!

  293. David says:

    Ashley and Chris rock!!

  294. Leslie Hurst says:

    Ashley and Chris should win..!!! Exceptional people! We always knew they were made for each other!

  295. Meagan says:

    I have known Kelley and Ben for almost 6 years now and they are one amazing couple! They have been through so much since I met the two of them and they are the most deserving of this session! Go Tigers! 🙂

  296. Eric M says:

    Kelley and Ben 🙂

  297. Nazy Given says:

    I’ve known Christopher his whole life… He is a “Good” person and full of heart. They will make a great contribution to our society. Christopher and Ashley should be your winner !!!

  298. Marielle says:

    Ben en Kelley have such an awesome story! They definitely deserve this photoshoot! 🙂

  299. Jessica Beatty says:

    Ashley and Chris! Their story is a beautiful and happy one! A love that endures distance and time, is a lasting one! I hope they get this wonderful photo shoot!

  300. Bob says:

    Ashly and Chris

  301. Betty Girardeau says:

    Kelley & Ben are the sweetest couple and really deserve such a wonderful gift. They are truly in love with each other. When Kelley talks about Ben, her face lights up and she always smiles. She can’t talk about him without smiling.

  302. Patrick Vecchio says:

    I vote for Al & Chelsea… true baseball fans showing their love of the sport to the fullest!

  303. Elizabeth Hay says:

    Kelley and Ben are one of the greatest couples I know! Kelley is 4 years older than me, and we have known each other since the day I was born. Although both of us are only children, I can honestly say that she is the best “big sister” a girl could ask for! 🙂 As for Ben, I knew he was a great guy once I met him quite a few years ago, and it’s been awesome to see their relationship grow through both the good and the bad over the years. You can tell they love each other very much, and they are always there when it comes to friends, family, and each other! I love their story, and I think they are the most deserving couple for such a wonderful engagement shoot! <3

  304. Zohra says:

    Chris and Ashley

  305. Shirin says:

    Chelsea and Al!

  306. Melissa Hurst says:

    Ashley and Chris!!! They are a beautiful couple and I would love to see them win this photo session!

  307. brian says:

    Kelley & Ben. Great story

  308. Pauly says:

    Kelley and Ben…too lovely for words

  309. Leslie says:

    Kelley and Ben : )

  310. nikki says:

    Kelley + Ben. Love, love, love their story

  311. Jules says:

    Kelley & Ben. So sweet, so romantic, so adorable

  312. Christine says:

    Kelley and Ben!!

  313. Pete says:

    2 great people with 1 awesome story. My vote is for Al and Chelsea!

  314. Kel says:

    Ben and Kelley of course!

  315. Patrick says:

    I vote for Ben and Kelley

  316. Claire Hurst says:

    Chris and Ashley are the cutest! Love their story and how happy they make each other. Two of the sweetest people I know.

  317. Kel says:

    Kelley & Ben of course!!

  318. Shawn Cullen says:

    Chelsea and Al. Gotta vote for the baseball wedding!

  319. Cody says:

    Ashley and Chris! A beautiful couple that is sure to take beautiful pictures!

  320. Brandon Arant says:


  321. Fenori says:

    Chris and Ashley!

  322. Patrick says:

    I vote for Ben and Kelley!

  323. Alexis Wren says:

    All beautiful stories, but Ashley and Chris, hands down! :))

  324. Bari Hill says:

    I vote for Al & Chelsea, Long distance relationships are hard to deal with unless it’s meant to be. These two proved it can work and that love can bring them together no matter where they are.

  325. Jamie Given says:

    Chris and Ashley deserve to win!!!! 🙂 <3

  326. Rachel Mastro says:

    Kelley and Ben!!

  327. Linda Lee McNeish says:

    Chris is one of the most wonderful young men I know. He is my nephew and although that may prejudice me I feel this with all my heart. I have watched him grow from a mischievous young child into the man he is today. To say his uncle and I are proud of him would be an understatement. He is a talented, loving and compassionate man. The fact that he has chosen Ashley to be his bride speaks volumes about her.
    They have both decided to dedicate their lives to helping others and have worked hard toward that end sacrificing time they could have spent together.
    I believe they deserve to have something special done to honor their commitment to life and love. A photography shoot with you would be a beautiful gift that they would cherish for a lifetime.

  328. Marcelo says:

    Alright so I like the Facebook page (check number 1).
    So now I have to comment on this so my boy Chris Clarke and his soon to be wife, Ashley – can take the cake (no pun intended).
    But really…my vote is worth like 30K votes. When can we announce Chris and Ashley as the winners of this prize?

  329. Cahner says:

    Ashley and Chris deserve to win!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cutest couple ever!

  330. Pam Cooke says:

    I vote for Kelley and Ben. I love their story. They deserve an awesome photographer who can capture the spirit of their love and their relationship.

  331. Meg says:

    I vote for Ashly and Chris!!!

  332. Janet says:

    Alfie and Chelsea have my vote!! Their story of friendship,endurance and the obvious mutual respect and love they share for each other left me inspired and hopeful that romance still exists in this crazy hectic world! GOD Bless this wonderful young couple! They deserve the vote!! Go Team Briggs “)

  333. Jenn Farr says:

    Kelley and Ben! 🙂

  334. Gary Delano says:

    Al and Chelsea!!! Al and Chelsea!! If you knew them you’d definitely choose them as Thee Winners!!!!

  335. debbie says:

    Kelly and Ben! What a sweet couple!

  336. debbie says:

    Kelley and Ben!

  337. alec Rogers says:

    ashley and chris!!!!!!!

  338. Carly says:

    Ashley and Chris definitely! They are a wonderful couple who deserve nothing but the best!

  339. Victoria Reynolds says:

    Chelsea and Al deserve to win. Wonderful hardworking young people who love baseball – 100% All American fun couple!

  340. Steve Perrott says:

    My vote is for Al and Chelsea. Amazing story of love through baseball.

  341. Gina Gossett says:

    Kelley and Ben!

  342. Ellen & Jim says:

    Our vote is definitely for Chris and Ashley!!

  343. Lauren Vaughn says:

    I vote for Kelley and Ben! They’ve waited long enough for their “Happy Ending” to begin!! 🙂 🙂

  344. Hillary says:

    Ben & Kelley!!!

  345. Sabrina says:

    I love Ashley and Chris! 😀

  346. Grace says:

    Im voting for Chelsea & Al! I love them to death!

  347. Michele Milam says:

    Chelsea & Al two hard working young people so deserve this.

  348. Darlene says:

    Ashley & Chris! They are such a cute couple.

  349. Steve Perrott says:

    My vote is for Chelsea and Al. Besides that I personally know they are great people. But their story is definitely the most touching here.

  350. Connie Patterson says:

    Chelsea and Al would score a home run for you.

  351. Dan Moore says:

    Kelley and Ben are great kids and they deserve my vote.

  352. Rob says:

    I vote for Chris and Ashley for sure!

  353. Kim S says:

    I vote for Ashley and Chris!!! What a gorgeous couple!!!

  354. Liesel says:

    Ben and Kelley!

  355. Mary says:

    Ben and Kelley have the best story and my vote.

  356. Rosanna Pratt says:

    Ashley is my best friend from middle school/high school and I am so truly happy for her that she has found her one true love. I know Chris is a great guy because I’ve never seen Ashley this happy. That totally deserve this session!!!

  357. Daniel Jordan says:

    Vote goes to Ben and Kelley ….

  358. Michelle says:

    Ben and Kelley are some of the best people I know, and it would be absolutely amazing if they were selected for this photoshoot! Kelley and Ben for sure!!!

  359. Melissa says:

    Kelley and Ben have my vote.

  360. Stephanie says:

    Ashley & Christopher all the way!!

  361. W J says:

    Kelley and Ben all the friggin way!

  362. Abby says:

    Definitely Ashley and Chris!!!!

  363. Rahsaan says:

    I vote Al and Chelsea!!!! Love and baseball…..match made in heaven

  364. Alex miller says:

    Ben & kelley have my vote!

  365. KC Lamb says:

    Kelly and Ben for sure!!!!

  366. Jessica Grindle says:

    Chelsea and Al Chelsea and Al! It would be the grand slam to their nine innings of love.

  367. Allison says:

    I vote Chelsea & Al!

  368. Molly D. says:

    Ashley and Chris!!! <3

  369. Linda says:

    Would love to see Al and Chelsea win

  370. Samantha says:

    Chelsea and Al get my vote.

  371. Carol Thompson says:

    I..hands down vote for Chelsea and Al 🙂 They’re the Cutest couple ever and I chould’nt be more happier for them both!

  372. Melissa says:

    Kelley and Ben are the sweetest couple and they deserve to win

  373. Caroline Krause says:

    Chels & Al allll the way!!! Gotta support love and baseball and they’ve of baseball shared by two such great people. They get my vote. For sure!!! Vintage baseball theme wedding sounds heavenly.

  374. Jessica says:

    Voting for my loves- Chelsea and Al!

  375. khaled says:

    ben and kelly for sure! they have the best chemistry out of all.

  376. Emelyn Pagel says:

    Goooooo Kelley and Ben!

  377. My vote goes to the baseball fairy tale! AL & CHELSEA!

  378. Brea Bennett says:

    Al & Chelsea! Hands down the best, most fun loving couple.

  379. Mandy says:

    Al and Chelsea all the way! Couldn’t be happier for them!

  380. Erin Fidler says:

    My vote is for Kelley and Ben! I love their story!

  381. Joseph says:

    Ben and Kelley!!

  382. Tony Conklin says:

    I vote for Chelsea and Al

  383. Ryan says:

    Al Briggs and Chelsea Forsyth!

  384. Janna says:

    I vote for Ben and Kelley!

  385. Janine says:

    Chelsea and Al, the most fun loving and kind hearted couple I know! Al became my husband’s step brother 15+ yrs ago and we both love him like a blood brother. We both can not wait for Chelsea to officially join the family! To see these two together is to see true love!!

  386. Stephanie says:

    My vote goes to Ashley and Chris!

  387. Jared Barcelos says:

    Al and Chelsea get my vote! They’re awesome people with a passion for the most romantic sport (ya, I said it) in America.

  388. sally says:

    Kelley and Ben have been a wonderful and dedicated couple the whole time I have known. I think it is great that every Friday is still date night for them.

  389. Lindsey Culler says:

    Ashley is probably one of the sweetest and most down-to-earth girls I know. She is going to be a beautiful bride and will make the photography super easy!! Her and Chris are so busy with school right now, so this engagement session would be even that more special to them!! My vote is for Chris and Ashley!!!

  390. Traci says:

    I vote Chelsea & Al!

  391. Nicole says:

    Chelsea and Al!!!! Hope they win…they deserve it!

  392. Channing says:

    Ashley is one of my dearest and best friends. She is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. I could think of a more deserving couple than Ashley and Chris!

  393. Jennifer Curtis says:

    What’s more beautiful than baseball love? Chelse and Al love! I vote for them…GO TEAM BRIGGS!

  394. Rachel Conklin says:

    Chelsea and al! Go tigers!

  395. Nick Prokop says:

    Chelsea and Al are the best and really deserve this!!!!

  396. Jeff says:

    Al Briggs and Chelsea Forsyth are better than these other guys. # eamBriggs

  397. Megan Hembree says:

    So excited for Ben and Kelley on their engagement! Would love for them to win this session, my vote is with Kelley and Ben!

  398. Shima says:

    Ashley and Christopher get my vote! They look so good together and have a great story!

  399. Whitney H says:

    My vote is for Chelsea and Al!

  400. Erik says:

    Voting for al n Chelsea

  401. Melinda Welchel says:

    My vote Kelley & Ben. Have know Kelley since she was 5 yrs old.

  402. Miranda says:

    Chelsea and Al all the way!!!

  403. Gabby says:

    Definitely Kelly and Ben!! YAYY!!

  404. Kari Angevine says:

    Al and Chelsea have my vote! You guys deserve this!

  405. Rich Van Zandt says:

    Al and Chelsea get my vote!

  406. Caroline says:

    Voting for CHELSEA and AL. I love their mutual love of baseball.

  407. Andrea says:

    I love Chelsea and al definitely deserve to win!! Such fun amazing wonderful people!!

  408. Kari says:

    My vote is for Al and Chelsea! Good luck and I wish you both the best….you deserve to win this!

  409. Kathleen says:

    Kelley and Ben!

  410. Angelia says:


  411. Alan Tompas says:

    Chelsea and Al rock!

  412. Andrea says:

    Chelsea and Al!!!

  413. Shannon says:

    Kelley & Ben! I love their story!

  414. Theresa Viets says:

    Chelsea and Al get my vote!!! I met her because of her love of baseball- I work for a minor league team in Florida. And I’ve kept up with her travels and her adventures with Al via facebook.
    Also? VINTAGE BASEBALL THEMED WEDDING, Y’ALL, it doesn’t get much more awesome than that!!

  415. cindy goldberg says:

    It was MEANT TO BE, Kelley and Ben! Love Love Love your story!

  416. Melissa says:

    I’m voting for baseball I mean Al and Chelsea. Good luck guys!

  417. Bobby D says:

    I’m voting for Al and Chels, I’ve known them for about 4 years now, and they share a great bond together with baseball that anyone else would be lucky to have. They have both made a lot of sacrifices to be together, and they should win.

  418. Amanda Cory says:

    Absolutely voting for Chelsea and Al!!! They are an amazing couple who have definitely gone through so much to be together and really deserve this. Chelsea and I met working for the Lansing Lugnuts (minor league ball park) when we were 15 and 16 years old and instantly became best friends. I always hoped she would find someone who had the same love of baseball and well, she has found her other baseball-loving half and I’m so so happy for them. 🙂 I know how much winning this session would mean to them and I really hope they win!!

  419. Laura says:

    Ben and Kelley!

  420. Terika says:

    Chelsea and Al get my vote! Go Team Briggs!!!

  421. Judy says:

    Chelsea & Al are an amazing couple and deserve to win. Just imagine how fun a baseball-themed engagement shoot would be!

  422. Gina says:

    Chelsea and Al for sure.

  423. Jennifer says:

    Al and Chelsea get my vote!

  424. Judy Gauzza says:

    Al and Chelsea get my vote!

  425. Trisha says:

    My vote it for Chelsea and Al, hope you guys win!

  426. MB923 says:

    I vote for Al and Chelsea

  427. Ash says:

    Kelley & Ben: their love has stood the test of time and will continue to thrive.

  428. Heather says:

    Ashley and Chris are amazing! I have know Ashley since High School and am so happy that her dreams have come true. Ashley and Chris are working so hard towards their future health careers that an engagement photo session would be very special memory for both of them.

  429. Judy Gauzza says:


  430. Katy says:

    Kelley and Ben’s story is so sweet. They deserve to win this!

  431. Kathleen says:

    Kelley & Ben, beautiful story, beautiful couple

  432. Lanie says:

    Voting for Al and Chelsea

  433. Regina Moore says:

    Ben and Kelley would love this so much they love the work lisa does. Good luck.

  434. Colleen LaHaise says:

    Kelley & Ben! What a wonderful story and a wonderful couple.

  435. Julia says:

    Kelley & Ben!! For sure!!

  436. Donna Gandy says:

    My vote is for Chelsea and Al!

  437. Sarah S says:

    Kelley and Ben are amazing! I’ve been so blessed to watch them grow together the past 7 years or so and fall more in love with each other every year as they fight for what they have and put it first. Plus, as Kelley’s sorority sister, I always loved having Ben as a backup dance partner at mixers when my date couldn’t keep up or as a sweet brother when my date was a jerk! They’re both such beautiful ppl who deserve this so much!

  438. Kathy Vecchio says:

    Yankee Baseball and Love… no better combination! Al & Chelsea definitely!

  439. Ashley Gandy says:

    Chelsea and Al get my vote!

  440. Michelle Delgado says:

    Al and Chelsea should definitely win. They are an amazingly awesome couple and…they love the Yankees. What’s not to love? ♥

  441. carol says:

    Kelley & Ben, what a great couple and heart warming story

  442. John says:

    Kelley & Ben should win.

  443. Caroline says:

    OMG Kelley & Ben are so CUTE and so photogenic. They should win. I’m for team Kelley & Ben

  444. Kyle says:

    Ben and Kelley. Love their story

  445. Kathy says:

    Kelley & Ben should win! Their story brought tears to my eyes. So glad to see such a happy couple.

  446. Audra Barton says:

    Kelley and Ben! Love their story!

  447. Heidi B. says:

    I <3 NY – so I have to <3 Kelley's and Ben's story, too!

  448. Nancy says:

    Such sweet love stories, but I look at Ben and Kelley and think that their relationship goes beyond what words can express. Photography can capture the love that developed over the past 8 years. They’ve invested the time in their romance and friendship to ensure that it is one to last for their lifetimes. I would love to see that passion through Lisa Carpenter’s lense!

  449. Lindsey Young says:

    I think it says something when a couple had been together longer then most marriages last these days. Kelley and Ben have stayed committed to each other through thick and thin, and it would be so great to see their love story told through a lens! Besides… The poor girl had to wait seven years for a ring… DEDICATION 😉

  450. Katie says:

    I vote for Kelley and Ben! It’s too funny and cute that they lived in the same area for so long, and NEVER met!

  451. Kathleen Clarke says:

    Chris is my amazing brother who has been there for me my whole life (I am the spoiled baby sister.) In assuming my role as the spoiled sister I have never liked a girlfriend Chris has brought home (I am a tad over protective), until Ashley. When Chris called to tell me he was planning on marrying Ashley, the first words out of my mouth were, “It’s about freaking time Chris!” (It had only been a year and a half.) I was so excited! I have watched Ashley and my brother support each other through hectic times (medical school and first nursing jobs) and can honestly say I have never met a more deserving couple. I love Chris and I can honestly say Ashley is the sister I have asked for my entire life <3

  452. Jorgia says:

    Ben and Kelley would be perfect for this session and I definitely vote for them.

  453. Jamie says:

    Ben and Kelley deserve to win

  454. Stefanie G. says:

    Kelley & Ben are so adorable together and deserve it more than anyone! Such a great story, and this would be a great way to begin the wedding planning for them both!

  455. Kathy Crabtree says:

    My vote is for Kelley and Ben! Wishing them the very best in life AND in this costest!

  456. Shannon Ballew says:

    I love Kelley and Ben’s story. I hope they win!

  457. Nicole Viscome says:

    Beyond a doubt, Kelley & Ben have a fabulous story that’s deserving of such a wonderful photographer to document it!

  458. emily watson says:

    Kelley & Ben so deserve to win. They are both amazing people and deserve engagement pictures as beautiful as they are!

  459. Vicky says:

    Ashley and Chris are two amazing young adults and a wonderful couple. They are both working very hard to complete their grad programs and this opportunity would be so appreciated by them both! I have heard so many wonderful things about Lisa Carpenter Photography from Ashley!

  460. JC Gillespie says:

    Good luck Ashley and Chris! Would love to see you two win this!

  461. MELANIE says:

    Goooooo Ashley! I hope you win. Love The Gulf Coast

  462. Sean Miles says:

    My girlfriend’s cousin Chris and his bride-to-be are well versed in the ways of Carcassonne (badass strategy game). For this reason alone this couple is obviously the best. Not to mention that they are insanely happy together and are both assets to keeping humanity alive 🙂

  463. Katie K says:

    Ashley and Chris and such a happy and cute couple, would love to see them win this contest!

  464. Catherine Given says:

    My cousin Chris never fails to bring out the best in me. He makes me happier than most people in the world. He’s found a beautiful woman (inside and out) to share his life with and the two of them deserve nothing but the best. I definitely believe Chris and Ashley deserve this opportunity =]

  465. Nicole Sloane says:

    Ashley is a wonderful woman who deserves good things! She and Chris should definitely win this session.

  466. All three of these stories are great! But if I had to pick one, I would say Kelley and Ben have a great story for Lisa to tell through photography!

  467. Lea Cannon says:

    I’ve known Chris my whole life and just met his beautiful bride-to-be this past summer. She is just amazing and brings out Chris’s big heart. If they don’t deserve this, nobody does!!

  468. Sabrina says:

    Ashley and Chris are just too cute! Ashley is a beautiful woman with an amazing personality. Would love to see them win this.

  469. Lindsey Owens says:

    While I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting Chris, I can say Ashley is very much deserving of this session! She always has a smile on her face, and this would be the icing on the cake to make their engagement even more amazing!

  470. Kayce Sams says:

    I love Ashley and Chris! It is soo cute that they are both in school to be a NP and MD. What a special treat if they could win this session.

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