C3 Ride to Austin pt. 3

October 29, 2011

Just as the song starts this slideshow out, it’s steady as she goes! We are well into the ride and we are finding that Mexican food has not been our favorite on this trip, we miss Starbucks (but our trusty dusty Garmin led us to ONE on the entire trip), and McDonald’s is something we look forward to. I mentioned to Taylor & Kelly that I don’t think I have ever eaten McDonald’s twice in one day. BUT it’s either that or we eat the packaged snacks we brought along and those are starting to taste like cardboard. Somehow the carrots and sweet peppers I brought along in BULK didn’t get munched on too much. Oh well, we at least had the right intentions. This is also about the time in the trip that I must have said a million times over “Are we going to be able to cover each team equally? I’m getting nervous!”. Kelly reassured me over and over that we would without a doubt. Taylor had me Shazam’ing each song he played because it not only got us pumped up, but kept the riders pumped up too. Hanging out of a car while shooting is now becoming second nature. I laughed and said that I would not know how to ride in a car normally anymore.
The riders are peddling hard toward the Nachez Trace which we would be on for a very long time. The Dream Team lit up the Trace with their uber cool neon-lit bikes. When I worked to get the right photo at night of all the colors, I realize that I could see all the stars in the backround. Too cool! We had a little rain along the way and we were all starting to feel the effects of working hard and little sleep. But not to worry, there was always someone amping up the energy by a funny prank or just overall silliness.
Thinking I could do one big slideshow went out the door pretty quick when I realized there was no way to fully tell the story in just a few images. So yes, there will be more shows!! WAY TO GO EVERYONE!

I’ll be back with more!


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  1. Daphne says:

    Lisa, Thank you so much for sharing this journey! These are amazing pictures! Also, the black and whites in the rain look so ICONIC. Like Time magazine years ago these pictures will be around for years to come!

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