When Jennifer scheduled her family session, she mentioned that she wanted more of an urban setting. We talked about what to wear and where to go. It was decided that we would go to one of my favorite places…downtown Greenville. When they all showed up, I could see that Jennifer & Jon were a wee bit frazzled, but not too much. After all, it was pretty hot outside and not only did they have to get dressed up themselves, but 4 boys as well. I was very impressed at the speed in which Jon put the ties on around his neck to then transfer the loosely tied knot over to each boy and tightened to finish the look. I had the job of rolling sleeves. Everyone looked so sharp and Jennifer was stunning!! When we got to the first spot and I snapped a few photos, I just wanted to walk up and hug the boys. My goodness, my goodness…they are precious and handsome young men. Those that know me, have heard me say several times that I always wanted 4 boys and well…for the afternoon I did. haha. I was truly impressed with how they worked in front of the camera. The more serious and fashionable looking expressions were spot on and the smiles and giggles were precious. I could have kept them out there until the sun went down, but I know that at some point the boys would have said ‘enough’. LOL!

Thank you Jon, Jennifer, Caiden, Aiden, Ethan & Collin for a fabulously fun afternoon! And boys…thanks for helping me keep your names straight 🙂

Aprile family01

Aprile family02

Aprile family03

Aprile family04

Aprile family05

Aprile family06

Aprile family07

Aprile family08

Aprile family09

Aprile family10

Aprile family11

Aprile family12

Aprile family13

Aprile family14

Aprile family15

Aprile family17

Aprile family18

Aprile family19

Aprile family20

Aprile family21

Aprile family22

Aprile family23

Aprile family24

Aprile family25

Aprile family26

Aprile family27

Aprile family28

Aprile family29

Aprile family30

Aprile family31

Aprile family32

Aprile family33

Aprile family34

Aprile family35

Aprile family36

Aprile family37

Aprile family38

Aprile family39

Aprile family40

Aprile family41

Aprile family42

Aprile family43

Aprile family44

Aprile family45

Aprile family46

Aprile family47

Aprile family48

Aprile family49

Aprile family50

Aprile family51

Aprile family52

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Jennifer, Jon & the boys | Portraits

June 26, 2014

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