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February 27, 2014

These last few weeks have been an absolute blast for me!! I have had the opportunity to work with several teens for what I call a “fun & fashion” shoot. Each one has been incredible. Tori simply warms my heart. She is just as beautiful inside as she is on the outside. Tori recently competed in the Miss Aurea Aquila pageant and won the title of Miss Freshman. Congratulations again!! Below is the slideshow and a handful of images from our day.

Thank you Tori for making the day so much fun!! You are adorable.

A HUGE thank you to Katie Cotton for doing such a great job with hair and makeup!

Tori - teen fashion01

Tori - teen fashion02

Tori - teen fashion03

Tori - teen fashion04

Tori - teen fashion05

Tori - teen fashion06

Tori - teen fashion07

Tori - teen fashion08

Tori - teen fashion09

Tori - teen fashion10

Tori - teen fashion11

Tori - teen fashion12

Tori - teen fashion13

Tori - teen fashion14

Tori - teen fashion15

Tori - teen fashion16

Tori - teen fashion17

Tori - teen fashion18

Tori - teen fashion19

Tori - teen fashion20

Tori - teen fashion21

Tori - teen fashion22

Tori - teen fashion23

Tori - teen fashion24

Tori - teen fashion25

Tori - teen fashion26

Tori - teen fashion27

Tori - teen fashion28

Tori - teen fashion29

Tori - teen fashion30

Tori - teen fashion31

Tori - teen fashion32

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