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January 7, 2011

It seems as though there are funny stories to tell at the end of most shoots, and Will’s puppy Sampson made sure that we would have plenty 🙂 Sampson is ALL puppy and full of energy, so it took a little work from all of us to get him to stay where we needed him. At one point Sampson and I were nose to nose and I was whispering to him to ‘calm down’ – and instead of really listening he just licked my nose. haha! Despite Sampson bolting at one point and giving us all heart attack, the overall shoot was a huge success and we had fun along the way.

Part of the fun on a shoot is walking around finding great spots and great light. It is also a great way for us all to chat and get to know each other better…oh and stay warm when it is chilly outside. Please enjoy a handful of photos and the slideshow just below them. All the very best to you in the future Will. I really enjoyed spending the afternoon with you and your family.

WR Lisa Carpenter Seniors 1

WR Lisa Carpenter Seniors 2

WR Lisa Carpenter Seniors 3

WR Lisa Carpenter Seniors 4

WR Lisa Carpenter Seniors 5

WR Lisa Carpenter Seniors 6

WR Lisa Carpenter Seniors 7

WR Lisa Carpenter Seniors 8

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