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December 6, 2013

Just a bit ago I shared the maternity/family session for the Smeltser family. There was much excitement in the air because everyone was getting anxious to meet the newest addition to their growing family and Breun wanted to take deep breaths again. haha. I have had the pleasure of watching her go through and documenting both pregnancies and she was simply radiant with each one. Shortly after this most recent session, I was informed that Clara Joy had made her way into the world. It was time for me to make the drive, bring my camera and meet this little beauty.

Thank you Jeremy & Breun for having me be a part of documenting your family’s journey over the years. I love it and just adore your kiddos!


clara - lisa carpenter01

clara - lisa carpenter02

clara - lisa carpenter03

clara - lisa carpenter04

clara - lisa carpenter05

clara - lisa carpenter06

clara - lisa carpenter07

clara - lisa carpenter08

clara - lisa carpenter09

clara - lisa carpenter10

clara - lisa carpenter11

clara - lisa carpenter12

clara - lisa carpenter13

clara - lisa carpenter14

clara - lisa carpenter15

clara - lisa carpenter16

clara - lisa carpenter17

clara - lisa carpenter18

clara - lisa carpenter19

clara - lisa carpenter20

clara - lisa carpenter21

clara - lisa carpenter22

clara - lisa carpenter23

clara - lisa carpenter24

clara - lisa carpenter25

clara - lisa carpenter26

clara - lisa carpenter27

clara - lisa carpenter28

clara - lisa carpenter29

clara - lisa carpenter30

clara - lisa carpenter31

clara - lisa carpenter32

clara - lisa carpenter33

clara - lisa carpenter34

clara - lisa carpenter35

clara - lisa carpenter36

clara - lisa carpenter37

clara - lisa carpenter38

clara - lisa carpenter39

clara - lisa carpenter40

clara - lisa carpenter41

clara - lisa carpenter42

clara - lisa carpenter43

clara - lisa carpenter44

clara - lisa carpenter45

clara - lisa carpenter46

clara - lisa carpenter47

clara - lisa carpenter48

clara - lisa carpenter49

clara - lisa carpenter50

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  1. Sheila says:

    I’m speechless and obsessed! Too much beauty with Mommy and CJ and then when Jacob appears, too much cuteness!!! A talented photog and a beautiful family coming together again for some extraordinary images. … Thanks for sharing, Bre!

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