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December 11, 2013

It has been a couple years since I have seen Cade & Cole and I was hoping that they remembered me from our last shoot. They are absolutely adorable, fun and very full of energy!! Here they are about 2 years ago with mom and dad.


And here they are now. My goodness time flies by!

Alt boys - lisa carpenter01

Once Brandi was able to channel their energy toward getting dressed for their photos, it was time to go catch up and have some fun. We were chatting a good bit about their trip to New York City and how they were getting on a plane as soon as we were finished. I had some seriously fun and entertaining conversations with Cade & Cole…I could have spent the day with them. One of the cutest questions was “So Miss Lisa, do most kids do what you ask them to do when you take pictures of them?”. I smiled and said…”I think you two boys have mastered that today!”. When I showed them a few of the photos on the back of my camera, I heard “You should put that into a magazine”. Oh my goodness..could they be any cuter? Thank you Brandi & Kent for allowing me to document this next stage in their lives. Merry Christmas!!

Alt boys - lisa carpenter02

Alt boys - lisa carpenter03

Alt boys - lisa carpenter04

Alt boys - lisa carpenter05

Alt boys - lisa carpenter06

Alt boys - lisa carpenter07

Alt boys - lisa carpenter08

Alt boys - lisa carpenter09

Alt boys - lisa carpenter10

Alt boys - lisa carpenter11

Alt boys - lisa carpenter12

Alt boys - lisa carpenter13

Alt boys - lisa carpenter14

Alt boys - lisa carpenter15

Alt boys - lisa carpenter16

Alt boys - lisa carpenter17

Alt boys - lisa carpenter18

Alt boys - lisa carpenter19

Alt boys - lisa carpenter20

Alt boys - lisa carpenter21

Alt boys - lisa carpenter22

Alt boys - lisa carpenter23

Alt boys - lisa carpenter24

Alt boys - lisa carpenter25

Alt boys - lisa carpenter26

Alt boys - lisa carpenter27

Alt boys - lisa carpenter28

Alt boys - lisa carpenter29

Alt boys - lisa carpenter30

Alt boys - lisa carpenter31

Alt boys - lisa carpenter32

Alt boys - lisa carpenter33

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