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January 7, 2015

When Brigitte, Brandon & Maddie Grace pulled up for their session, I anxious to see how much little Maddie Grace has grown.  I have had the pleasure of taking photos of her since she was a baby.  Her outfit was absolutely precious…oh wait, did I say outfit? I meant to say outfits.  haha.  Brigitte had her husband get the wagon out of the car of which I was thinking it was for a prop only.  Oh no, it was to carry the clothing choices.  How awesome.  Hey Brigitte, from now on, I want you to stock MY closet 🙂  Totally loved it.  The day of our originally scheduled session ended fairly quickly due to a rapid change in weather.  It was light out and then within about 25 minutes it went pretty much completely dark.  I suggested we complete the session on a better day and I am thrilled that we did.  This time the wagon was a prop (lol) and they even brought a beautiful wooden table which made for gorgeous photos of little Maddie Grace reading and even using her cutouts and stickers.  Everything was perfect.  Cannot wait to see the Adley family again!!

Adley Family01 Adley Family02 Adley Family03 Adley Family04 Adley Family05 Adley Family06 Adley Family07 Adley Family08 Adley Family09 Adley Family10 Adley Family11 Adley Family12 Adley Family13 Adley Family14 Adley Family15 Adley Family16 Adley Family17 Adley Family18 Adley Family19 Adley Family20 Adley Family21 Adley Family22 Adley Family23 Adley Family24 Adley Family25 Adley Family26 Adley Family27

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