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February 2, 2011

I am SO excited to start Wedding Wednesdays as a weekly post. I am even more excited to have my second photographer, Leslie Kerrigan as the guest writer!! Leslie has been shooting weddings with me regularly since the fall of last year and I am happy to announce that she will be playing an integral part in all my weddings from this point forward. Leslie is a portrait photographer in the area who is extremely talented and has a fabulous energetic personality. Please take a moment to check out her website.

Leslie and I have been brainstorming like mad over the last couple of months about ways we can be of inspiration to our clients and Wedding Wednesdays are a good place to start. We plan on adding other categories very soon!

Welcome Leslie…

I first met Lisa at a wedding. I was hired as her third shooter for this large, beautiful wedding in Greenville. I must admit, I was nervous. I had never met her before and here I was joining her on one of the biggest weddings of the season! We didn’t have any time to get to know one another or chat about anything beforehand. She immediately put me to work on shooting the details of this wedding. I was terrified!! I was terrified I wouldn’t get the right shots or that my photos wouldn’t be good enough. But I buried the nerves, got out my camera and shot away, hoping she would hire me again!

Luckily, she did. And we have been doing weddings together ever since. And she continues to trust me with the details. Which, lucky for me, is my favorite part of a wedding!

To me all weddings are beautiful. The bride in her gorgeous, white gown, the groom in his handsome tux, flowers galore and smiles all around….how could it not be one of the prettiest days of your life! But what I love the most is the details. Those special touches that each bride and groom add to their special day to make it, well, special! The southern food served to welcome a family from the north, the invitations that the bride designed herself, the favors that represent the bride and groom’s culture, the shoes, the jewelry and much, much more, can all be details that add up to a unique wedding experience. And all of these things make my job so much fun!

If you are planning a wedding, consider adding unique details to make your day stand out. Think of things that you and your fiancé like to do and incorporate that into your day. Pick a color and design all the details around that. Show off your culture with special food. Show off your talents and design a unique invitation. Take your guests down memory lane by sharing details from your courtship. Whatever you do, make it special to you! And I promise to capture every detail with my camera!

Below is an inspiration board all about the details. Since Valentine’s Day is around the corner, I thought I would show off all the ways you could incorporate love into the details of your special day. After all, love is what brought you together and love is what your big day is ultimately about! Happy Valentine’s Day!


Crush Strawberry Soda – photo courtesy of
Cake – photo courtesy of
Shoes – Christian Louboutin
Valentine’s Invitation –
Be My Valentine – photo courtesy of
Cute Heart-Shaped Sandwiches –
Heart in Coffee –
Kissing Booth Letterpress Poster –
Bride and Groom –
Drawstring Bags –
Lips –
Straws –

Tune in next week for the next Wedding Wednesday post!

thank you for stopping by!

~Lisa & Leslie

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