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July 27, 2011

Getting your skin camera ready is something that both the guys and the girls think about. So this Wedding Wednesday post is not just for the girls 🙂 I recently posted on Facebook how I have been on a bit of an experiment with my skin. Skin is our largest organ and is a complete reflection of how we feel and how we are or are not taking care of ourselves. As a mom and a business owner, I find that there are many late nights working at the computer after everyone has gone to bed, however I am still getting up early in the morning which might only allow me anywhere from 4-6 hours of sleep. In addition to that, I am still trying to get in my runs or my training rides with my cycling friends. Health & nutrition is something that has always interested me and reading articles about these topics has been a fun hobby of mine for years. One night while working on a set of photos, I realized that I had started to slack in my good food choices. I had a box of Cheez Its and a glass of wine on my desk at 11:00 at night. Then the next morning would start off with coffee and I would drink it until noon. Realizing that my energy level was not up to par and my skin & eyes were looking a bit tired, I decided to go back to my healthier ways but taking it a step further. I picked up the book Green For Life and read it in one day. The next morning I tried my first green smoothie made from water, mixed leafy greens and frozen mango. The first sip had me making the strangest expressions & sounds. I put a lid on it and stuck it in the refrigerator in hopes that I would come back later and try again. I tried the green concoction again about an hour later and I was pleasantly surprised to find that I liked it…a lot!
On day one I took a photo and started a personal health experiment journal on my Mac. Each day I took a photo in the same light at the same time of day and by day 5, I was shocked at the difference. By having only 1 cup of coffee, avoiding wine & Cheez Its and drinking loads and loads of water, I found that the change was significant. This was all in addition to drinking the green smoothies daily. Oh and I must add that I made myself get a couple more hours of sleep. What I noticed: More energy, better overall mood, less cravings for snacks like Cheez Its, plumper skin and the biggest difference was how much brighter my eyes were. Needless to say, I was sold on drinking my funny green drinks and getting a few more zzz’s at night.
Here is something I found very helpful for making green smoothies and I hope it will help you.


A few do’s for getting that glowing skin and bright eyes:
Drink water!
Break a sweat often
Drink your greens
Get a few more zzz’s
Eat your Omega 3’s & enjoy a little dark chocolate
Wash your face at night – try Clarisonic Skin Care brush. It’s awesome!



A few don’ts:
Limit caffeine and alcohol
Don’t bake in the sun, but enjoy while protecting your skin
Avoid too much sugar & try to stay away from fast foods


I will share some of my favorite green smoothies in future posts. The biggest thing to remember here is have balance and keep it fun. We all like to enjoy a grande latte and/or a glass of Cabernet with friends. Just do it all in moderation while still keeping up with the other do’s on the list. You will have camera ready skin in no time!!

Thank you for stopping by.


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  1. Janice West says:

    Hello Lisa,

    Ken sent me your blog. I’m his mother. I read it, and really liked what you are doing. Being a photographer gives you a great advantage to record your progress.

    It’s funny, but we recently bought a juicer because Jerry, Ken’s Dad, had just gotten dentures and wasn’t enjoying eating very much. So he suggested juicing his vegetables, etc. Well, I started with a cabbage, carrot and celery drink I believe. And that didn’t go over very well. But the recipe booklet that came with Jack LaLaine’s juicer has some really good drinks that include fruit. Since I’ve switched to those suggestions Jerry, and also Ken, seem to think the drinks are palatable. And they are good for us, too. The only think I don’t like is how much pulp is wasted. Someone suggested putting the pulp in an old nylon stocking and hanging it in the tree for the birds to eat.

    Thanks again for sharing your results.

    Janice West

  2. Tom Kassab says:

    Really enjoyed reading this! Thanks for sharing!

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