The Year In Review | 2011

January 1, 2012

Thank goodness for photos because this is a way to relive moments past and share them with others. Details of special moments might fade a little in your memories, but photos will live on forever and help us keep those memories alive. Sometimes we just want to document snippets of daily life, sometimes we need amazing imagery to promote our businesses and it is always important to document those events in our lives that are so very special. I love photography for so many reasons and that love grows deeper as each year passes. The plus side to being a photographer is that I get to meet so many wonderful people and some of those people become great friends. Realizing how important photography is to most of us only fuels me to work harder and strive to improve each and every time I pick up the camera. Yes, there are always things that I can do better and for that I am thankful for another year to start..or another day for that matter. I am always open to constructive criticism as it can only result in a positive outcome if I take it as such and do something to improve on it. I truly am thankful to each and every client that calls on me to document moments and events that are so very special and important. 2011 has been an exciting year of new ventures and it is exciting to start of 2012 wondering what will be next. This is my 4th year in South Carolina and in that time, Lisa Carpenter Photography has grown leaps and bounds. RedFlare was also an exciting moment in 2011. RedFlare Studio is for my commercial and music photography which has also been growing. Weddings and Seniors continue to be the main focus of Lisa Carpenter Photography and I cannot wait to meet more brides, grooms & seniors in 2012. The LCP blog got a new look and Coffee Talk was added as a new category. Coffee Talk was created to share bits of photography information, chat about health & fitness topics, words of inspiration, personal stories, mentoring info, fashion finds and pretty much anything that I hope you find of interest. This is also a way to ask questions and get feedback.

The L Class was also an exciting new venture in 2011. Online photography mentoring via Skype has been very successful and small classes are soon to come!! Teaching is a HUGE passion of mine and I cannot wait to grow The L Class ๐Ÿ™‚

It was an honor to see various photos in publication and to receive awards.

Fete Magazine is a local publication that started this year and it has been exciting to watch it grow so much since it started!! It has been an honor to write for the magazine every month and we have exciting new things coming in 2012 and are all geared toward the music industry. Stay tuned!

In April of 2012, I will be a speaker at the Seniorologie Tour. The first stop is the beautiful Serenbe, Georgia. If you are a Senior photographer, please check out the site as this will be a wicked fun workshop!

WHEW…speaking of coffee talk, I might need more of that in the upcoming year. haha. Here is a review of some photography highlights that I hope you enjoy:

The beautiful thing about the photography community is that there are SO many wonderful and influential people that are willing to share tips, advice, help and more. I am beyond appreciative of those photographers that have offered their friendship and guidance over the years. I just want to pay it forward!! Thank you to my second shooters…without you I could not do my weddings completely! AND I get great working shots too ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you for stopping by!!! I look forward to meeting many more awesome people in 2012. All the very best to you and yours…and BE PASSIONATE about all you do!


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  1. Katie Cotton says:

    Great post! You inspire me so much with all you have going on! Cant wait to see more!

  2. Mrs. Smith says:

    Love it. Your work is amazing .

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