Choosing A Wedding Photographer {why personality is important} | FAQ’s

December 16, 2013

Personality is an important factor when choosing your wedding photographer. Your wedding photographer’s personality can really set the tone for your entire wedding day and your bridal party. Why? Because they will be by your side for pretty much the entire day and night. They will also be spending time with you during the engagement session and bridal session if you choose to have one. If you are not comfortable around your wedding photographer or don’t feel some sort of connection and/or ease with them, it will show in your expressions which will be captured in your photographs. There is a good chance your family and friends will feel the same on the day of your wedding.

choosing your wedding photographer 1

Producing images that look and feel natural is something that is created between the subject and the photographer. Yes…it is vital that your photographer has a strong understanding of the technical side of things and has the ability to direct you into structured or candid poses, BUT you as the subject has to feel natural. Feeling natural in front of the camera isn’t something that comes easy for many, so having someone that can put you at ease is huge! That can happen when you trust and like your photographer. Not saying you have to become besties (although I have with some of my clients), but you really should enjoy their company. Think about it…sometimes you are asked to laugh and act natural while a big ol’ lens is pointed toward you. Uhm, that can be a bit intimidating. The goal is to make it look natural and not contrived.

choosing your wedding photographer 2

The great thing is that those staged laughs often will turn into real laughs – when you feel comfortable.

choosing your wedding photographer 3

choosing your wedding photographer 4

When someone feels comfortable it shows in their body language, smiles and even the eyes. You can tell when someone is laughing naturally or just going through the motions.

choosing your wedding photographer 5

Another time in which you want everyone to feel comfortable and have fun is when it includes your bridal party. Once again, if your bridal party is not enjoying themselves or even worse…is feeling annoyed, it will show. Especially when you want to have a little fun with the poses.

choosing your wedding photographer 6

choosing your wedding photographer 7

Quiet, more intimate moments between a couple is another time in which it is important to feel comfortable. Trust me on can see it in the image when a bride & groom isn’t having a real moment because they are too worried about the camera. This is a time when you want to forget that your special moments are being documented and just enjoy.

choosing your wedding photographer 8

choosing your wedding photographer 9

These photos will last you a lifetime, so remember to get to know your photographer after you have decided to contact them based on their work. I have many out of state clients, so thank goodness for Skype or Google Hangout!!

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