THE PROOF IS IN THE PUDDIN’…or the photograph that is!!!

January 13, 2007

BRRRR….it is just downright cold outside here in Denver, Colorado!  We started the day off at -9 degrees and that is not windchill..yikes 🙂  We are having one of the worst winters in history and that can cause some problems with on-location photography….or can it?  Remember how we were always told to make lemonade out of lemons, and that attitude is everything?  Well, this most recent session is proof that if you think you can…then it CAN happen. 

My client, Mr. D, and I met at a gorgeous local state park and lake.  It was in the low 30’s and snow was still completely covering everything.  I got to the location a few minutes early and was walking around to check things out.  As I was walking back up the hill to my car I quickly found myself up to my hips in snow!  I had stepped into an area that was a little deep!  We found that during the session, the bright snow posed a few problems…I had to be spot on with my exposure and Mr. D had to close his eyes occasionally to take a break from the extreme brightness.  However, the snow acted like one HUGE reflector and I loved that.  I was up for the brightness and snow challenge and my client completely got my style and we ended up with some FANTASTIC images. 

Here are just of few of many that I would like to share…







I had such a hard time selecting my favorites.  Thank you Mr. D for making this session so much fun!  Welcome to the United States and best of luck to you on your new ventures!!!!!

until next time,


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  1. WOW…HOW darn handsome;) You are ROCKIN girlie with your pictures. These are SUPER! Love the angles & poses. Great conversions! SUPER WORK;)

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