Being Beautiful At All Ages

July 20, 2008

I was sitting in Barnes & Noble drinking a latte and trying to satisfy my ‘glossy fix’…in other words, my magazine addiction. I am now trying to enjoy them in the store and not buy so many because it does add up when you buy them here and there. Ever since I can remember, maybe the 4th grade, I have LOVED magazines. I have so much fun looking at the photography and the styles and even reading a fun article. I picked up the newest issue of Vogue and I read through it for over an hour and still wanted to buy it. So much for my latest idea right? What I loved about it was that it celebrated women of all ages, which they do every year, but this time it was so well done. Maybe I am just still on a high from the Olympic Trials where Dara Torres, age 41, just rocketed her way through the water! I was jumping up and down when she broke her own 50 meter freestyle record. Plus she just looks amazing and is wearing her age very well.

So back to Vogue, there were photographs of women all ages, yet all of them were beautiful in their own way. Check out this video.

I wish I could photograph every woman and capture what is unique and beautiful to her and start my own magazine, that would be SO COOL!!! What is even more cool is that women would realize that confidence is the greatest accessory!!

Have an awesome day.


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