Kamella & Derek | engagement session part 2

September 23, 2013

I called Kamella on my way back from a recent session and told her that we HAD to get together again for a few more pictures because I stumbled across a location that was exactly what she wanted. Without hesitation she said “YES!” When we started it was 6:15…the golden hour of the day, and I told them that we had until 7:00 when the sun would go down into the horizon. The sun was on time because at 7:02 it had set for the day. It’s always so much fun being around Kamella & Derek and I am having the best time getting to know them 🙂 Cannot wait for the BIG day!

KD2e - lisa carpenter01

KD2e - lisa carpenter02

KD2e - lisa carpenter03

KD2e - lisa carpenter04

KD2e - lisa carpenter05

KD2e - lisa carpenter06

KD2e - lisa carpenter07

KD2e - lisa carpenter08

KD2e - lisa carpenter09

KD2e - lisa carpenter10

KD2e - lisa carpenter11

KD2e - lisa carpenter12

KD2e - lisa carpenter13

KD2e - lisa carpenter14

KD2e - lisa carpenter15

KD2e - lisa carpenter16

KD2e - lisa carpenter17

KD2e - lisa carpenter18

KD2e - lisa carpenter19

KD2e - lisa carpenter20

KD2e - lisa carpenter21

KD2e - lisa carpenter22

KD2e - lisa carpenter23

KD2e - lisa carpenter24

KD2e - lisa carpenter25

KD2e - lisa carpenter26

KD2e - lisa carpenter27

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