The Cliffs at Glassy Chapel is one of my favorite places to shoot a wedding! It sits perfectly atop a mountain with stunning views. I have been up there to shoot in all four seasons and in all types of weather…each giving it a different look and feel. On the day of Arrington & Ben’s wedding there was a bit of rain and fog and the fog gave the chapel a look that was really quite beautiful. When it was time for Arrington to walk down the aisle, the rain stopped, the clouds parted and once again, the chapel took on a different look and feel. Simply gorgeous no matter the setting!

After the ceremony and photos, we headed to the clubhouse at The Cliffs Valley…another gorgeous venue! Every detail at the reception was perfection including the Rolls Royce parked on the brick circle driveway. After the first dances were complete, Arrington walked in the reception room with her hands in pockets. I thought “Wait…your dress didn’t have pockets”. She gave me the cutest smile and said that this was her other dress. This one she could dance in and it was equally as stunning as her first.

It has been so much fun getting to know Arrington & Ben as well as Arrington’s mom & aunt! Everyone was awesome to work with and I couldn’t be any more excited for their new journey together! Congratulations you two 🙂 A big thank you to Katie Turner for all your help on the wedding day.

AB-lisa carpenter-weddings01

AB-lisa carpenter-weddings02

AB-lisa carpenter-weddings03

AB-lisa carpenter-weddings04

AB-lisa carpenter-weddings05

AB-lisa carpenter-weddings06

AB-lisa carpenter-weddings07

AB-lisa carpenter-weddings08

AB-lisa carpenter-weddings09

AB-lisa carpenter-weddings10

AB-lisa carpenter-weddings11

AB-lisa carpenter-weddings12

AB-lisa carpenter-weddings13

AB-lisa carpenter-weddings14

AB-lisa carpenter-weddings15

AB-lisa carpenter-weddings16

AB-lisa carpenter-weddings17

AB-lisa carpenter-weddings18

AB-lisa carpenter-weddings19

AB-lisa carpenter-weddings20

AB-lisa carpenter-weddings21

AB-lisa carpenter-weddings22

AB-lisa carpenter-weddings23

AB-lisa carpenter-weddings24

AB-lisa carpenter-weddings25

AB-lisa carpenter-weddings26

AB-lisa carpenter-weddings27

AB-lisa carpenter-weddings28

AB-lisa carpenter-weddings29

AB-lisa carpenter-weddings30

AB-lisa carpenter-weddings31

AB-lisa carpenter-weddings32

AB-lisa carpenter-weddings33

AB-lisa carpenter-weddings34

AB-lisa carpenter-weddings35

AB-lisa carpenter-weddings36

AB-lisa carpenter-weddings37

AB-lisa carpenter-weddings38

AB-lisa carpenter-weddings39

AB-lisa carpenter-weddings40

AB-lisa carpenter-weddings41

AB-lisa carpenter-weddings42

AB-lisa carpenter-weddings43

AB-lisa carpenter-weddings44

AB-lisa carpenter-weddings45

AB-lisa carpenter-weddings46

AB-lisa carpenter-weddings47

AB-lisa carpenter-weddings48

AB-lisa carpenter-weddings49

AB-lisa carpenter-weddings50

AB-lisa carpenter-weddings51

AB-lisa carpenter-weddings52

AB-lisa carpenter-weddings53

AB-lisa carpenter-weddings54

AB-lisa carpenter-weddings55

AB-lisa carpenter-weddings56

AB-lisa carpenter-weddings57

AB-lisa carpenter-weddings58

AB-lisa carpenter-weddings59

AB-lisa carpenter-weddings60

AB-lisa carpenter-weddings61

AB-lisa carpenter-weddings62

AB-lisa carpenter-weddings63

AB-lisa carpenter-weddings64

AB-lisa carpenter-weddings65

AB-lisa carpenter-weddings66

AB-lisa carpenter-weddings67

AB-lisa carpenter-weddings68

AB-lisa carpenter-weddings69

AB-lisa carpenter-weddings70

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Arrington & Ben | the wedding

June 4, 2013

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