When I am shooting a wedding, I am typically in a dress and heels. I am pretty certain that there will be a day when my feet retaliate big time! But in the meantime, it works and it is what I feel most professional in. I believe professionalism should be presented at all times when you are a business owner, but I really like to up my game on the day of a wedding…thus the dresses. Since weddings are usually held on a Saturday, that means that there are a lot of days where I can be a bit more laid back. But even on those laid back days, I want to still be presentable and have a little fun with fashion. Fitness is something I am very passionate about and THANK GOODNESS that the athletic wear designers figured out that women want to be able to sport their clothes in and out of the gym. Lululemon started to get really big when I was living in Colorado and it was love at first sight! I remember being in the gym working with my trainer and I said to him “Hold on…I have to ask this girl where she got her workout clothes”. He said “You’re kidding right?”. Well..I went up to her and she removed her ear buds and nicely (whew!) told me the brand name. I said “lemon-what?”. Oh I wish I had never asked her because I went straight to one of their showrooms the very next day. Since then, there have been even more amazing new fitness wear designers and I couldn’t be happier. What’s fun about the designs today is that you can pair them with regular clothing items. Some of the tops are SO cute that you can wear them with jeans. Or you can wear a pair of super cute skirted leggings with boots. Yep…boots.

The pictures posted below show more of a casual after-gym look. Nothing really on the fashionable side except for my Borelli Designs scarf. My Borelli scarves go with me everywhere and they are totally versatile. They can be a warm accessory on a cool morning that can then double as a sweat towel during a difficult Pure Barre class. It can be worn as a wrap, beach cover-up or simply just as…a scarf. I have had this one for nearly 3 years and it has yet to fade, pill or look drab. I plan to get more very soon.




My jacket is from lululemon and is also been around for a bit and has held up beautifully.

Check out all the ways you can wear your Borelli.


If you have a fun way to mix fashion with fitness wear, be sure to share!
Thank you to Leslie Kerrigan for taking today’s photos.

More to come.

Thank you for stopping by!


Fitness Meets Fashion – {Borelli Designs} | the garanimal girl

November 14, 2013

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