Time does fly, but memories live on.  Memories of my trip to Italy in September will always be a part of me and I hope to only add more in the future.  When I returned from Kenny Kim’s Photoventure 2009, I posted some of the photos of the models we worked with and a few words about my experience.  There is just no way to fit everything in on a single blog post, so I am back with more.  This trip was a collaboration between wedding photographer Kenny Kim and native Italian Max Brunelli.  The two of them worked very hard to come up with a well thought out plan of events for a total of 8 days covering the Umbria & Tuscany regions.  Max is very proud and passionate about his homeland and enjoys sharing bits of information about traditions, food, architecture and important parts of history.  Kenny is also very passionate – passionate about his love of photography, traveling, meeting new people and passing on bits of helpful information, yet still wanting to learn from others as well.  It has been a little over a month since I returned and I am realizing this was so much more than a photographic experience, it was an experience that was life changing.  Walking through the narrow streets of small villages, opening the senses and taking it all in makes the creative mind soar.

I promised I wouldn’t go back to my Venti half-caf morning coffees in paper to go cups after experiencing my beautiful prepared cappuccinos, but my hand is wrapped around one as I type.  I did promise that I would learn some Italian prior to my next visit and that is a promise I plan on keeping.


Within those 8 days, we visited 28 locations, ate some of the most sensational dinners, ate a few too many gelati, built great new friendships, shared some laughs over a glass of wine…oh and took loads of photos!!  Speaking of photos, viewing them is a way to open the senses all over again.  I can feel, smell, touch and hear that which is embedded in my mind.  Watching the locals stop to enjoy a coffee, shop at the local market, share stories and work became an enjoyable daily treat because it was a way for me to get the full experience of these various locations in Italy.  Amazingly, each place had its own unique feel and look.

As I thumbed through the over 3500 images, something surprised me.  I found that some of the images that spoke to me and evoked an emotion were those that I converted to a darker black & white.  After all, Italy is rich with color and I was certain that nearly every single image would command to be in color, but not the case.  Of course, the ones that were taken of food or coffee stayed in color and we all took loads of photos of things we consumed 🙂

I could go on and on about my 8 day experience, however I would like to share a handful of favorite images.

























Growing as a person through new life experiences can only mean growth in ones art – whether it is photography, poetry, painting or writing music.  Since Photoventure was a growing experience I can expect much growth in my photography – what an incredible way to learn!  Sign me up for Part II.

Thank you for stopping by.


Time Flies

October 30, 2009

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