The other day I mentioned to the boys that we should put our bikes on the rack and head out to Falls Park for a bit. The response was “nah, we don’t really want to”. So, I decided to put the bikes on the rack and say “come on, let’s go”. I was so glad I did because we had a blast!! After we parked at the Greenville Zoo, we got on our bikes and headed to Falls Park. The boys played on the rocks and in the water until we decided to head up to Spill The Beans for ice cream on Main St. We sat outside, ate ice cream, took goofy pictures and acted silly. What an amazing way to spend the day! Here are a few from the day.

The boys being Superman and ‘holding’ up big boulders!

Can you tell he forgot to remove the cap??

My boys are taking these pictures!!!!

Now for The Sprinkler, The Lawnmower and more!!! I was busting out laughing:)

I can’t wait to do this again!!!


Fun With My Boys!

July 23, 2008

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