Ever since I can remember, I have searched through countless magazines to find items that I found to be beautiful, fashionable, fun, different or things that I just wanted to share with others. I was in the 4th grade when I started flipping through those glossy pages and still do all these years later – probably not good for the budget either. Magazines have been an addiction for years but they are just so frustratingly predictable and the articles seem to be just slightly recycled, but that doesn’t stop me from heading to the stands to pick out my next purchase. In fact, I look forward to the articles as they are short enough of a read to fit into my schedule (and attention span) and the photos are ways to grab new inspiration for upcoming shoots.
Now that the internet is flooded with blogs, online magazines, images and articles, there are even more ways to be inspired or find things that I like to share. I have been on a kick lately of sharing amazing finds on my Facebook account and thought I would recap a few of them on here as well.
I love this image found on for many reasons. Her makeup is simple but not plain. The whole ensemble works perfectly.

I’ll admit that I have been on a headpiece kick lately. This one is probably too much for most people, but it is gorgeous and someone will wear it well and I want to be the photographer 🙂

These other headpieces are more subtle yet stunning.

I have found all of these and many more on Etsy, but be prepared to spend a ton of time on that site!!

The Mini wedding dress is supposedly making a comeback and for some brides, they will be THE fit for them. Here are some I have found that are beautiful on

This dress deserves a post all of it’s own just because it is the most beautiful one I’ve seen.

You can find it here.

With all the choices out there it is easy find something that defines ‘YOU’ on your big day.

Feel free to share some as well. Thank you for stopping by.


Beautiful Finds | Everyday

September 6, 2009

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