Energy, laughter, elegant & love. These are the words that I think of when I think of Chris & Niki’s rehearsal dinner celebration and wedding. Everyone was calm and simply enjoying the day. If there was anyone stressed, I certainly didn’t notice it. Just prior to the wedding, it appeared that Niki’s grandfather was not going to be able to attend. It just warmed my heart when I found out that he was able to attend after all and see her smile so big as she walked over to hug him.

The day of Niki’s bridal shoot was cold & windy, but she managed to do great despite chattering teeth, goose bumps and a veil that blew all over the place. After I pleaded, well begged, with the main office at Fluor Field, we were able to gain access to the inside even though the players were already there warming up for a game. I love the photos of Niki in her wedding dress holding the bat!

The weather was so different the day of the rehearsal and wedding, much warmer and no crazy winds. The decor at both the rehearsal and reception was exquisite! The rehearsal dinner was at The Overlook Grill and the reception was at the Wyche Pavilion. My jaw dropped when I saw how amazing the Wyche Pavilion was decorated, very elegant.

I am sharing a handful of images and below you will find the slideshows. You may access the galleries through the slideshow or click the link I will provide at the end of the post. Thank you Chris & Niki for allowing me to be a part of such special moments in your lives. I wish you much happiness! Thank you to my assistant for all your hard work.

Link to gallery HERE.

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Chris + Niki | wedding

June 23, 2009

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