Eight years.


This will be my eighth year as a full-time photographer.  There were a few years prior to that where I went from serious hobbyist to a part-time photographer.  It wasn’t until I moved back to South Carolina from Denver that I set out to make this my career and I couldn’t be happier with that decision.  Heck, it’s really hard to believe that seven years have already gone by since we left the Rockies.  In those years, I have worked a variety of genres ranging from weddings to commercial to families & fashion as well as photography for the music industry.  While weddings have been my primary focus, I have truly enjoyed all of my other shoots and the people I have met through them.  Reflecting back on these years makes me realize how blessed I am to be able to continue to do what I love as well as remember those moments where I had self-doubt or burned the midnight oil night after night working in Photoshop during my busy season.  I do this because I am passionate about working with each and every bride, groom, mom, dad, child, business owner, teenager, model or musician.  The connections I make year after year and sometimes the friendships that form from a shoot are priceless and mean so very much to me.  I love it when a bride & groom call me a year or two after the wedding to tell me that they are expecting and would love to have newborn photos or when I see children grow up over the years…and I even love to see tears of joy when a mom & dad watch their slideshow from a recent family session.

Looking through all the behind the scenes photos taken by my second photographer, assistant or even a family member at a wedding makes me realize that there are a lot of other jobs that I am involved with…such as pinning on boutonnieres swiftly and hopefully with accuracy without pricking my finger.  haha.



Helping with posing…

2013-12-31_0027 2013-12-31_0038


Laughing and hugging…. ( and no..this is not a job description 🙂 )


2013-12-31_0051 2013-12-31_0052

2013-12-31_0048 2013-12-31_0050

Straightening out a dress…

2013-12-31_0021 2013-12-31_0029

Climbing, kneeling or squatting…anything to get the shot

2013-12-31_0023 2013-12-31_0025 2013-12-31_0034 2013-12-31_0036 2013-12-31_0044

Or placing a veil while offering a hug during an emotional moment…


There are many summer days when I feel like I have a furnace on my head because my hair holds in heat like insulation or when my feet are calling me bad names because I insist on wearing heels.  BUT I wouldn’t trade what I do for anything.  I get emotional right along with my clients, I care about what is important to them and I am honored to have you all trust me to deliver images that capture those special moments in your lives.  I will always strive to be better and look for ways to grow.  I cannot thank you enough for your business, referrals and friendships.   Thanks for putting up with my silly selfies or asking about my smoothie concoctions.  But mostly, thanks for the smiles, hugs and laughs.

Happy Happy Happy New Year!!!



Year In Review | 2013

December 31, 2013

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